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Knewrawtick / Press

“Plastik Hip Hop is Dead! You are cashmere :) One Love Ichi”

“Cambridge hip-hopper Knewrawtick's Get Down (2013 Freestyle) is SICK. It just clicks along, this easy little flow. I wish it was like, two or three minutes longer. Short and oh-so sweet, it provides a nice intro for his Buddha Minded Prophet mixtape, available on his myspace.”

“da mixtape iz booom. i'm not evun gonna gas u. listenin 2 da whole fing is like a religious experience, for a brief moment i got teleported into your world. on point production, thought provokin lyrics, great high tunes to torch a bong 2...wot more can i say yo.”

“The most original mixtape to come out in 'o8. This is for the thinkers, so... let me know what you think.”

“... As far as the emcees go I swear to fucking Christ, I have not heard more than a handful that compete to the skills of Knewrawtick out of Cambridge, Ontario Canada. Straight the fuck up, I'll take the Pepsi Challenge and put my money on that motherfucker any motherfuckin day...”

“Sick shit,...looks like you've surpassed using 10%of your brain. NOBODY can hate on this flow. If they do then they are just hating on your intelligence.”

“DOGG, IM SPEECHLESS. you took it there without getting too, too deep.”