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Kinghopeton / Press

“King Hopeton's locs hang all the way down to his knees. He has not cut a single strand in 17 years, but they're not weighing him down. Hopeton was the king of the stage Saturday night at Cafe Culture, where he shared his hope of world peace through reggae beats. The singer from Jamaica started playing classical piano music before he went in to reggae. When he is on stage he feels music and the people accepting it, he said. "Reggae is my heart," he said. Hopeton uses a lion as his logo as a representation of strength, family and king, he said. He has quite the resume working with artists like Sean Paul. Other great singers have also passed through his music donating their skills to be recorded with him. His inspirations are King David and Solomon because they both played instruments, such as the harp, before they became kings. And they played beautifully, he said. Although it was a long way to Chico from Jamaica, fate brought him here, Hopeton said. "In this Earth, all is destiny," ”

“I started playing music at the age of four. Sitting, and watching an old lady play Come Back Charlie, a popular classical piece - The moment she got up from around the piano, I started playing the same piece as if I had learned it before ... She started teaching me from that point .... I did my first classical piano recital at age seven. I got my first standing ovation, and from that love I felt I said 'It's only music for me'," declared King Hopeton, a Jamaican-born musician, based in California, United States. And this love affair with music has grown into one eternal 'wedding' for this father of two beautiful daughters, aged nine and four. "I would more say I am married to my music because all relationships I have been through say that I am married to my music," he asserted. ”