Kingdom Of Giants / Press

““A strong point of the album is that it can be very melodic, adding interesting melodic riffs after and before breakdown and introducing haunting keyboards really creates an emotional and dreamy atmosphere throughout. ””

Sputnik Music

““Almost every release of theirs, is as great as the last, if not a bit better.””

Reviews From The Cave

““Together these 5 dudes create chest pounding breakdowns, mind blowing guitar riffs, and vocals that just simply do not leave your head.””

Yo Jimmy Bones

“After changing their name and part of their lineup, this progressive metal outfit recorded their current EP and hit the road. “It’s about making music for us” says vocalist Dana Willax. “That’s it. There’s no better feeling than seeing your fans react to something that you have created.” The California band are applying this positive attitude to the writing process of their first full length album.”

AP Magazine

“With members scattered all over the State of California, Kingdom Of Giants has made their way across the country a few times, spreading their thrilling brand of metal and hardcore. Now on tour with In Dying Arms in support of their just released full length Every Wave Of Sound, Kingdom Of Giants reigned the entire time they were on the stage, unleashing a staggering set of amped up intensity. The combustible assault force known as Kingdom Of Giant includes Dana Willax on vocals, Stephen Martin on guitar, Max Bremer on guitar, Levi Norris on bass, and Matt Mavroudis in drums. With a rather surprising status of being unsigned, Kingdom Of Giants still manage to tour and have amassed a solid fans base due along the way. Highlights of the set included Delusionist and Guns And Girls. Another topnotch band with a glorious future ahead of them, be sure to catch Kingdom Of Giants when they bring their towering set back to the Southland.”

Highwire Daze