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Kill The Sound / Press

“Throughout the EP, the powerful, and beautifully feminine vocals weave in and out of the drums and guitars in an incredibly enigmatic way to support honest lyrics and head banging tunes. In our opinion, Kill The Sound, has just begun to kick ass. The band has been through a number of transitions but continue to move through them, getting stronger with each phase. They have gained a foothold in the Orlando local scene, through their perseverance, unique sound and high energy shows.”

“Kill The Sound was even more energetic and heavy in their performance. They celebrated a recent sponsorship by sporadically showering the crowd with free merch. There was regular adamant applause after each song, even before the “storm-front” moved in, and that kept up throughout the 40 minute set, of which the singer, Kim, regularly jumped off stage, into the crowd, musing her morose siren's call to entrance audience members.”

“A few months ago, arriving at the show late as always, we caught the tail-end of Kill The Sound’s set and said to ourself , “we have got to see more of this band”. And on Friday night, Maniacal Mojo gave us that opportunity when they once again rocked The Haven.”

“Kim has a unique way with words about love and experiences in life that many can relate to. The harmonies and layers of vocals that she sings in her self-produced album are placed perfectly and are hauntingly beautiful. Kim definitely brings her true identity to her music and is a very talented artist.”