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Kill the Broadcast / Press

“Say goodbye to overly whiny emo vocals and recycled guitar riffs. Kill the Broadcast is slaughtering the stereotypical, local rock band image. Their EP, ‘16 Hours,’ comes alive with their natural energy on stage. Each move seems organic and strung together like every note running down the fret board. Kill the Broadcast host real musicianship creating a well thought out product. They don’t have to feign talent because they’ve certainly got plenty of it. The key to their developing sound is their willingness to make themselves multidimensional. Kill the Broadcast’s wide range of influences communicates through their music. The spots of blues, ethereal guitar effects, alternative vocals, and rock approach are a chemically solid combination. Each member of the band contributes, bringing their own interpretation to the table. Kill the Broadcast has made the middle ground work in a unique, fresh way. They still manage to capture catchiness in a more eloquent mode versus the usual,”

“Kill the Broadcast took home the coveted grand prize during the 2012 WZZO Backyard Bands competition at The Great Allentown Fair. Kill the Broadcast blends spacey garage rock with powerful, driving melodies and a feisty, punk rock attitude. The band has been making noise in the Valley for quite some time and is poised to transmit one powerful, far-reaching signal in 2013. Listen to this: "Forgetting Bye," "Smoke and Mirrors"”

“Kill the Broadcast is kicking butt and taking names on the Community Stage. Their blend of spacey garage rock and punk is catching fire with those sitting outside of the ArtsQuest Center. These guys are going places. ”

“The band counts the Pixies, Muse and Dave Matthews Band among their influences. “I’m into a lot of different music British bands like The Editors and British Sea Power,” Patterson says. Patterson describes the band’s sound as “alternative/progressive-indie.” “Every song is eclectic," Patterson says. “You can definitely tell it’s us when we play the songs but each song is different.” The band’s set list is typically composed of originals such as “The Arson Party,” “Autumn’s Arms” and “Mister Big Shot.” The band is working on its first EP, with a targeted fall release date.”