Kevin Farkas / Press

“Fender News Now (@FenderNewsNow) favorited one of your Tweets! Got Kev?”

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“Okay here it is...the MOTHER of all shows thus far...30 AMAZING BANDS...212 minutes of pure MUSIC AWESOMENESS!! We played Hell's Belles, Kevin Farkas, Flying Blind, Pool of Thorns, A Sound of Thunder, That Being Said, AKA Wingnut, IconX, Me...”

“ABC Rock - Best of the web via Kellie Levans. Shared on over 1069 networks -Kellie Levans-Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner-looks like my grand daughter and I have a new song to learn”

-Kellie Levans - Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner

“Great Song! It sounded great on the air!”

Chris Andrew, Program Director - 90.3 WXLV