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Kevin Danzig / Press

"With well written tunes, fantastic vocals, and professional arrangements; this CD "Playground" is a journey...One that you'll want to return to over and over again"

““Playground” — the title of the album and its sixth song — hearkens back to Danzig’s past as a traveling troubadour. While the album follows both ups and downs of life and love, it eventually ends on a note of hopefulness. Each song was placed there with specific, strategic meaning. From the titles to the lyrics to the organization of the tracks, the songs tell a story. Danzig likens it to a musical play. “A lot of my songs are theatrical,” he said. “(The album) tells a story.” “My songs need three elements: They need a memorable hook, they need something that’s rhythmic” — here he snaps his fingers — “and a melody that’s catchy, and if they have those three elements with a story line, that’s a song.” Danzig sings and plays the guitar in this album alongside Faith Crawford and a handful of other Colorado-based musicians. “The players who play on this album are just great,” he said. “They’re wonderful, seasoned players.””

“Loud and Clear brings with it a message of hope and perseverance, clearly sung of in the song "Never Give Up," where Danzig reminds the listener that "In the darkest night, there's a ray of hope, let it shine on you, never give up." It's a message that continues on through the entirety of the album, and is sure to be an encouragement to fans of Americana and southern rock music. ”

“BOX CARS "If you're going to do an album based on historic events, it only makes sense to record it in the vicinity of the tales that your'e about to recount. Such was the case with Danzig's sixth album, his best yet, which chronicles various historical chapters in the tri-state area of Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. After scouring the region's museums and conducting countless interviews, Danzig trekked to Mike West's relocated Ninth Ward Pickin' Parlor in Lawrence, Kansas, where West assembled a small squadron(including himself)to back Danzig. With the arrangements varying anywhere from folk and bluegrass to quasi radio-ready folk rock, Danzig delves into well-researched tales of Native Americans , polluted towns and the best friend a languishing miner could ever have, a mule ("Toby"). No doubt Danzig has uncovered some fascinating tales from an oft-overlooked region of America. Overall, the quality of music speaks for itself." ”

“KEVIN DANZIG Danzig impresses with intriguing songwriting, atmospheric vocals and diversely textured arrangements. Much of the proceedings are Southern-rooted, like the majestic “The Great Mississippi” Danzig has knack for crafting memorable, tuneful compositions that stretch across a gamut of emotions like failed love (“Marion”), anticipation (“Out of My Way”) and family tragedy (“Baby of the Family”). “Ms. Miriam” achieves haunting moments with softly cooed background vocals; the intensely driving “Fear of the Unknown Woman” parallels someone at wits’ end, never knowing if love will be realized again. “TV,” another gem, addresses how children are sadly raised on the boob tube. Like a true folkie, he’s not afraid to tackle the tougher issues such as deject loneliness on the Aids awareness dedication "Sold.” For Danzig, life’s good once again and it shows. ”

“Drive into the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas, and you'll see the hospitable banner announcing "Welcome Home." It portrays Kerrville's down-home folksy attitude, and festival promoters sincerely hope that they'll see you again. Kerrville has certainly been a second home of sorts to traveling troubadour Kevin Danzig, a four-time New Folk Finalist who finally got his chance to play the mainstage, where this live recording occurred. While that was a crowning moment of a quarter-century carreer, more important when the rubber met the road, Danzig delivered a performance worthy of it's billing. Overall, it's a highly personal, soul-revealing set in which the tender tenor discloses deep feelings on many of life's realities, including break-ups and, better yet, unconditional love. Songs like "Never Give Up", and "Dysfunctional Family Bingo" are quite motivating in their themes of perseverance.”