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'KELI RAVEN' / Press

"I tend to always re invent myself because change is fresh & when you feel you look good, you feel better & it shows in your production & artistical efforts." -Keli Raven -

"His music, never fails to strike up several emotions. But the mix of songs, with different feels, and meanings, and musical styles, supply all of that. Its like a box of "Cracker Jacks", but every song is the prize. It never gets old, it never gets boring, and its completely unpredictable. With that said, it makes his music not only a treat for your ears, but a fun musical journey, through his songs. I'm sure, many have said that you cant put "Keli Raven" into one genre.But I can. Hes "AMAZING! EXTRAORDINARY, AND HAS A UNIQUE QUALITY, AND INDIVIDUAL SOUND, IN A WORLD FULL OF COPYCAT, GENERIC BULLSHIT MUSIC". Perhaps, the industry should create a category just for "Keli". He certainly has. "You wanna new drug?". Well i've got it! "Keli Raven" will get you higher than you ever thought you could get, and there's no hangover. But beware... like me, you may become addicted!"

“I discovered you on a podcast about Vinnie Vincent and then looked you up. Just want to let you know that I downloaded your albums "Keli Raven" & "I'll Be Your Superman" purchased & downloaded them from CD Baby. I like your music. It reminds me of Jesse Johnson Revue with a Little Cheap Trick thrown in, as well as Soul/R&B/Funk bands like the Time & Earth, Wind, & Fire. Good Funky”

Johnny Jaco - Facebook

"Cool ! Perfect for pole dancing for sure.. why am I not hearing your songs on the radio, still havent figured it out..."

Soraya Cassis - Facebook

“This week we feature Keli Raven www.myradiostream.com/hardrockradionetwork”

"You are such a talented song writer, Keli. All these years, and you still produce original music and they all sound different. ROCK ON"

Cherie Gillette - Cherie Gillette

"Well as like all of my works, both past and present, I came up with the concept and using my formula’s built it from the ground up and let it take it’s natural form as I do not believe in pre meditated art. I believe that all art should take on a life of it’s own as I’ve learned to accept therefore leaving it to the listener(s) to make it into there own self expressions." -Keli Raven-

“Los Angeles, CA: Sept 2014 "Fresh Out The W. Hollywood Oven, LA's Keli Raven - Some Nice Guitar Doings Here & A Bit Funky (Yup .. \m/ \m/ ** There's A Chord In There I Aint Heard Since "Faith No More ‪#‎ThisGuyCanPlayGuitar‬!" Daryl Moon, Los Angeles, Ca.”

Daryl Moon, Los Angeles, Ca. - LA Rock Guitarist


“Two days before the release of his 4th full length self produced new album, 'I'll be Your Superman'.”

“Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) interview's Keli Raven: Modern Rock Artist from Los Angeles, Ca.”

"Los Angeles rock recording / touring artist Keli Raven will dish it out to Matt O'Shaughnessy"

“'For the bands starting out (and I mean starting out) indeed you must pay your dues lord knows I did across the country and abroad (for a very limited time to get the exposure and start selling out clubs to finally earn my pay. However, any club / promotor that demands that you pay them to get up on stage at a venue (such as the Sunset Strip) you should not have too. I know that playing such venues are a dream come true for many starting out, so you better think twice about why you got the gig as chances are the promotors have you playing with bands that do not compliment you, promote you nor you the band may not even be ready for such a gig. Not to discourage you but you must take a stand at some point and realize you are just paying that clubs rent for that night. But never give up... Go for it.'”

"I love going deep, it's what drives me. Taking chances is the only way"

"It's time for us all to stop the hate and bring love back into the world. You never know whats gonna' happen tomorrow. I personally look forward to realeasing my new album and have a serious message to put some things back into perspective, so i hope your scared"

"what i meant by change is it's time for people 2 give KELI RAVEN a listen, come to my shows & not just stay boxed in the everyday (cliche 'white boy stomp' look & sound) formulated stuff thats going around (PLEASE NOTE THIS HAS NOTHING to DO WITH RACE or me being a racist) SO LETS MAKE THAT PERFECTLY CLEAR RIGHT NOW. I AM TALKING POLITICS ONLY WHETHER BY THE PEOPLE OR THE POLITICIANS. I have always had a wide variety of genres blended into one... thats my style & by the blessing of the higher powers, that has been what has sustained my consistant longevity. It's a popularity thang (u know what i mean) but as popular as i am, most people are afraid to think outside the box (buy my records & come see my SHOWS) not knowing what is inside my box is the new thing / sound...therefore my (cult) following is just fine by me. I've been around long enough to know that change is growth, you will always no when a KR record is playing, thats a fact because it is my sound & only my sound Thats KR"


“I have been checking out more of your work bro,It seems you have a Genre all of your own..Cool to see and hear people who write outside the box..I hear many influences in your music and different styles as well. -SCOTT BON'E -”


“'to anyone that is suffering from addiction, or depression, that there is help out there. Don’t be ashamed, and God bless you. We’re all on the same Team, and as long as you have people who support you, and care about you, that’s all you need.'”

“'It's taken me quite sometime to develope the sound of KELI RAVEN. In a nutshell it's 'modern, it's unique, and it's very sex drivin'”

“'I feel that 'SCReAM KeLI RAVeN SCReAM' is my best work yet' (please click link below to watch full interview).”

“Music X-Ray (2012) I Want A Black Girl by Keli Raven Free form review This song made me both laugh and start bobbing right away. I loved the subject matter, and thought the vocal delivery was appropriately sleezy-sounding, complementing the lyrics really well. I couldn't tell if this was tongue-in-cheek or not, but this song sounds like rock in the Salty Dog kind of style that would appeal to lots of guys, although I like it, too. It's a very raw and visceral tune that prompts immediate head-banging. Its musical simplicity and home-recorded sound combine with the gritty vocals and lyrics to convey a somewhat disconcerting but appealing voodoo kind of sound. You've done a great job of writing, performing and producing a song with a style of your own. Keep up the great work! Thanks for letting me listen to your music.”


“how would you describe your music to the guys that don't know you yet? 'I LIKE 2 CALL IT 'MODERN EROTICA ROCK'. IT HAS MANY DIFFERENT FORMULA'S THEREFORE IT'S BEST WE LEAVE THAT ANSWER 2 THE LISTENERS & FANS. I WILL ALWAYS STAY TRUE 2 MY MELODIC VOCALS & SCREAMIN' GUITARS, BUT I CAN SWITCH UP ON U @ ANY MOMENT...BEWARE...LOL' To read this entire interview please click link below.”

“Also joining me is Keli Raven, a veteran Los Angeles musician that was breaking into the scene back in 1991 and worked with Vinnie Vincent on the still-unreleased Guitars from Hell album. Raven also was involved with some of the music for writing sessions for KISS' Revenge album and was witness to Gene Simmons & Vinnie Vincent's creative process. Unfortunately, Keli states that Vinnie continuously lived up to a bad reputation that he had built by that time. To hear this entire interview please click link below.”

“Bad Boyz 4 Life - Keli Raven ft Lemmy Kilmister Rock/Pop Artist Kieli Raven will be on the show with Jerry. Keli Raven has made a name for himself with hit songs "She Ain't Comin' Back" "Bad Boyz 4 Life" "Black Friday" and more. Keli will take you for a ride you will never forget! So don't MISS this exclusive interview with the one and only Keli Raven!!”

“One of the 6 super cool bands that performed live at this years 3rd annual Flashrock Halloween party. Yep… Keli Raven and his boys rocked it….Cowboys we think ”

“ In Fantasy" EP Records By Ginger Coyote Watch out Vernon Reed! Los Angeles has Keli Raven and he is ready to explode on the nation... "In Fantasy" is his most recent recording that Raven has released and there are some catchy tunes on it... "Glitter Boy Toy" should be the anthem The Guitar Institute in Hollywood.... The majority of the students who attend there are metal or glitter rockers looking to make it big in Tinsel Town..... Especially those cute Blonde Swedish boys who look alot like a young Michael Monroe. They frequent CVS Pharmacy on Yucca Street in Hollywood... I once asked one of them if he was Amy Winehouse...... He blushed a crimson red and said "No I'm a Blonde not a Brunette" so he is clever also.. In fact the Hollywood band Revlon Red (the name says it all) has enlisted Keli to produce and work with them on their next project.. Check Keli Raven out now ”

“ Press Reviews STREETBLAST RADIO Station Manager August 8, 2008 When I first heard the song"Glitterboytoy" by Keli Raven, I fell in love with the rock sound that mixed with almost a video game soundtrack 'pumped' musical wonderland. "Glitterboytoy" is one of those songs that rocks out and gives you no mercy. I didn't expect to be so overwhelmed by the sound, but I have to hand it to you "Keli Raven" can rock the f___ out! Ok, so how can you get ahold of Keli Raven, and give praise? Check out the official website, or if you're a myspacer you can visit the Myspace and tell them that STREETBLAST.COM sent ya... We are currently spinning "Keli Raven" on our station with the track "Glitterboytoy", so please tune in and check it out..You just may want to get naked and throw down.....Ok, clothing optional. ”

Station Mgr. - Street Blast Radio

“Review By: Alan Burridge, Editor/Owner Motorheadbangers..12-06...London, England BAD BOYZ 4 LIFE---KELI RAVEN Keli Raven is a deep to the core singer, guitar and bass player, percussionist and producer who has shared the stage with Lemmy and Motorhead in the past. 'Bad Boyzs 4 Life' is a CD single and was co-written with and features Lemmy. Keli sent a quote: "I have known Lemmy 20 years, we have been close friends the whole time. Although I've done some live spots with him, I always wanted 2 collaborate with him on a record. Finally, we both had time to co-write 'Bad Boyz 4 Life' and I'm blessed 2 have him on the new album as well as a continued brother and mentor in my life. Lemmy is a great man and I will always remain a loyal friend 2 him as he as 2 me"...... ”

Alan Burridge - Motorhead Banger, London England