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Katie Belle Akin / Press

“I had the pleasure of booking Katie Belle Akin earlier this year. Her stage presence and connection with the audience is undeniable. The pain of bullying she experienced has turned her into a captivating performer. Katie Belle Akin is a beautiful diverse and talented Artists!”

“Congratulations again on the success of your feature story and your continued success on radio. What you are witnessing is a well-deserved convergence of your hard work, perseverance and preparedness. Keep up the good work!”

“Gifted with a sultry, textured voice and precocious performance instincts, Katie Belle has made a stunning first impression with her music and community focus.”

“Stuart Kewish Hi Katie, I've just recently found your music and I am stunned by your wonderful vocals. Today I just bought all your music on iTunes and Reverbnation. I think my favourite is Born For This and your Counting Stars cover. Story of My Life and Stay are also up there. I follow so many artists and every now and then I find a voice that just blows my mind - and your voice is one of these. I am just in awe of your sound. Would love to know your plans for music this year. Another EP or even an Album maybe. If you don't mind sharing a little of your plans I am hugely interested. Best of luck with living your dreams, but I sense you already are and it's only going to get better and better for such a hugely talented artist. Take care, Stuart.”

Stuart Kewish - Stuart Kewish Media, Austrailia

“A flawless performance, visually and vocally, as Katie demonstrates an increasing level of sophistication and artistry in her rendition.' - Congratulations Katie for your Cover Music Video Award "Counting Stars"”

“Coming in 1st on Cover Charts is teen sensation KatieBelle Akin with her cover of One Republic's 'Counting Stars'. Katie's mature voice earned her an amazing 23,500+ views on BEAT100 as well as 3rd place in the World Music Video Chart. Katie's sound has been described as 'Nashville Pop' and Katie tells us '" my music style fits somewhere between Country and Pop while my original songs focus on lyrics, upbeat tempos."She writes many of her own songs, saying that her influences come from a large range of musicians, Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars to name just a few. Despite her young age Katie has amassed a large fan base and can list many accomplishments; she began singing in school and church like many other young people but gained industry attention after performing in a regional singing competition. She is a featured artist on the Teen Nation Tour, where she tours for over 12 weeks in 2014. She's finishing up production on 6 new originals; Congrats to Katie Belle Akin.”

“Katie has a nice bass to go with a very sweet smiley treble, which adds a certain timbre to her voice. With her very smooth melody and soulful lyrics, we will be hearing from her for many years to come. I'm glad to be seeing this from the ground level. Charlie Hearns”

Charlie Hearns - Reverbnation America

“Katie, you are completely amazing and made Michelle's week. Thank you for the hard work that goes into putting a solo show together like that. It was so uplifting, which is why I asked you so close to Christmas in the first place. I heard your music and thought you would be perfect for it. Your music has such an optimistic glow to it, which is really hard to find these days and SO NEEDED in the midst of Duck Dynasty controversy. LOL! Seriously, your voice brings everyone back to what's important. You really served the song last night. I always tell my students if you serve the song, then you will capture the heart of everyone. Just let the song speak. Way to go!”

Camille Sanders - Ponier Music

“ "I met u today at Pope u were such a good singer and very pretty and I'm so glad u accepted my request and I love u so much iI'm so glad u came to pope school"”

M.Polson, student - Pope School

“Well-chosen honest visuals and gorgeous vocals make a good song even greater and demonstrate real star power in Katie. - See more at: http://www.theakademia.com/cover_best_music_video_august_2013_awards#sthash.lIoswNDA.dpuf”

“this is the Master of STARS.... HOLY SHIZZZZZ LOL!!! THIS SONG IS SO FUN, KATIE SOUNDS LIKE A HUGE STAR!!! Can you tell I'm so pumped on this!!!”

Jon C. - Mirror Ball Entertainment, Los Angeles

“'Thanks to genuine visual imagery and a relaxed, unpretentious vocal delivery, young Katie's rendition of Skyfall leaves one wondering which version should be the original.”

" Great Performance Katie on my Christmas Special Broadcast!", your talent is a bright shining star...looking forward to having you on the show again in the coming months....the fans are already asking when you'll be back on....

“As I started to watch your videos and listen to your songs I thought, you are growing and growing and at the end there will be a new superstar. But now I know, you are a superstar and you are growing and growing and at the end there will be a super-nova.. :-) Keep that way to enlighten the world... you are great !!”

G.Meier - GeMa Free Label

“It is with great pleasure we thank Katiebelle Akin for her appearance on The Nashville Spotlight TV. Katie will be featured in shows 156-157-158 on Comcast #19 Nashville. Your performance was very prefessional and we are thrilled to showoff your talent on our program. We look forward to having you on again in the future.”

Mike Jennings, Producer/Director Nashville Spotlight - Nashville Spotlight Television Show

“This is to announce that Katiebelle Akin singer/songwriter will be representing Notion Music in their "You Are Next" ad campaign. Katie is an up and coming recording artist from Georgia and we are thrilled to have her as part of our ad campaign.”

“A lot of her inspiration for music comes from many of today's pop and country artists. Katie particularly likes Dolly Parton, because her music has stood the test of time. With Katie's creativity she will be one just like Dolly, her music will stand the test of time for many generations to enjoy. She also likes Stevie Nicks and Jennifer Lopez, because they are talented artists and great stage performers. Katie just loves singing so much it gives her a great avenue for personal expression, and addressing social issues or just plain having fun. That is truly what it is all about, having fun. see the complete review at www.stars2come.com”

“This is official notification that Katie Belle Akin has been awarded FINALIST for the original song "Up To Me", congratulations Katie from all of us at the 16th Annual USA Songwriting Competition 2011.”

Eddie Phoon, Event Director - USA Songwriting Competition 2011

“It’s a pleasure to communicate with younger star, together with your Uncle Bill, we always talking about you and we are really hope you will be soon a big star of United States then International star…. We know that this is a big challenge, but keep in mind that we are supporting you…. We are waiting for you in Italy… ciao from italian fans”

Fabrizio - Pippo Arena

"You were really great today. I really enjoyed your music your energy and that cute smile. Look forward to seeing you again in April on The Nashville Spotlight Cable TV Show.

“Marietta, GA - We are bringing our readers a brand new Wednesday "Musician Spotlight" edition. Musician that we are featuring in this "Musician Spotlight" is on a very talented 12 year old Singer/Songwriter from Georgia. The Musician we are featuring is the lovely and talented singer/songwriter Katie Belle Akin. Katie is a raising Singer/Songwriter with her country/pop/Country style that has a very bright future ahead”

“Katie, Wow... very nice. You are obviously a very talented young lady. Great message and attitude in this song.”

Frank Green, Skytone Records - MUSIC X-RAY

“URGENT PRESS RELEASE!!!http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=149023 Congratulations KATIE !!!”

" I want to say that your voice is amazing, I love "Who I Am", especially for someone so young! I don't think I have every heard such an amazing song with such an amazing voice behind it!"

"if you scour the net you'll find I seldom ever comment,but I just had to tell you, You all did an extremely fabulous job on this entire piece from the writing,performing, video editing and just overall, the entire production on the "Up To Me" Video, I simply LOVE IT!!

“and the WINNER is, KATIE BELLE AKIN,.... Katie has won the ARK MUSIC FACTORY VIDEO CONTEST from a field of 40 selected music videos. Katie wins an IPAD2. Katie pulled in over 5200 votes, congratulations Katie!!...”

" ..one of the most memorable moments was when little Ms Katie Akin , age 11, performed. This was the first time for an artist this young hit the stage of "Are You The Next1?" " I could not believe that such a poweful voice was coming out of that little body," says Lisa , one of the guests

“...."Grow Up" demo...."lyrics are perfect-they paint a vivid picture, the maturity of Katies voice is captivating, I love the rasp!.."”

“..... AMAZING.... katie is just eleven years old... what a talent she has....we are playing her song "Up To Me"”

" this is a young music artist in the making..in late fall of 2010 she spent 9 days in Nashville co-writing and recording two Country Pop songs....age is nothing but a number and this 11 year old is the evidence to back that up!!!!

"Who I Am".... this song is one of the best songs that we have recieved this year. It is tremendously well sang and performed....

Will Griggs, Executive Director , Atrium Music - MusicXray

“11 year old pop and country newcomer, influenced by the legendary Dolly Parton..music ability is far beyond her years...this gifted singer...”

“Akin has a contagious passion for music and sings with lively energy that can get any audience moving on their feet. with such strong vocal ability and an obvious passion for performing it is clear.... will become a role model......”

Eric de Fontenay - Online PR Media

“Rising Country Pop star,Katiebelle Akin, takes her ques from Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus. Her song Up To Me was recently a finialist in a United Way campaign. Stay tuned for more from Katie!”

“Katie Akins song "Up To Me" profiled on Kings of A&R”

"Country Starlet Katie Belle Akin Releases Single "Up To Me" read more