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Kari Lynch Band / Press

“Kari Lynch Band “Kari Lynch Band” (EP) "It has to be said from the outset: This is country that rocks. Singer Kari Lynch and her bandmates – guitarist Ryder Jones, acoustic guitarist Matthew Kok, bassist Jacob Meekhof and drummer Sam Briggs – already have established themselves as one of West Michigan’s most energetic and promising acts on the country music scene, and this three-song EP recorded at Mackinaw Harvest Music showcases all that they do so well: hook-filled songwriting, tight musicianship, dynamic guitar leads. Led by Lynch’s fiery vocals, the track “Sincerely Gone” should be a staple on country radio, period, and “Cyanide” pushes country to fresh places with delicious, funk-rock underpinnings." Website: facebook.com/karilynchmusic”

“Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Garth Brooks. Those are some of the iconic artists who inspired Kari Lynch as a child in Clare, Mich., paving the way for what would become her central focus, her passion, her calling. Now in her mid-20s, the Grand Rapids-based singer-songwriter leads the Kari Lynch Band, an up-and-coming outfit that’s become one of West Michigan’s most popular country music groups.”

“I’ve been a big fan of local country singer/songwriter Kari Lynch for a long time, and I remember recommending fans go see her during Festival of the Arts this summer. Trust me. As a former music critic and someone who has covered the Nashville music industry for years, I believe she has the potential to become the area’s next big star (following in the footsteps of Frankie Ballard). She has a great voice and killer band.”

“She is a budding superstar. Really. Country artist Kari Lynch is from Clare, but now lives in Grand Rapids and has put together a great band to match her gritty vocals. She also recently released her debut CD. Make sure to catch this rising star.”

"Country music creates an image in the listener's head-one of porch swings and gravel roads. The tracks penned by Kari Lynch are no exception. With the help of her band, Lynch released a self-titled EP, in May, with five original songs that showcase her talent. Lynch's strong voice skims over vocal embellishments like a well-tossed skipping-stone on songs like "I Never Liked You Anyway" and "Me and a Bottle of Wine," are a tribute to the tongue-in-cheek aspect of the genre."

“With Kari Lynch, what you see is what you get, she is down to earth, approachable and friendly - and has a "sexy, back-alley voice." If you have a chance to catch Kari Lynch and the guys in concert, you should.”

"Lynch is doing plenty to shine that light on this region’s country music, taking stage at a boatload of high-profile shows while spreading the word on her latest self-titled EP. (...) More of an old school country artist drawing influences from Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, her sounds has subtly bled into a number of additional genres fused in by her all-male back-up band that play a spectrum of styles from John Denver to classic rock."

“The Kari Lynch Band has been together just a year but they're makin' waves with Country Fans in West Michigan. ”

“From up-tempo rock country, blues, to classic traditional country, the songs appeal to a broad audience. (...) With a Patsy Cline, Garth Brooks, and Keith Urban-influenced sound and a passion for music, they are well on their way.”

“Saw them opening for The Band Perry at the Intersection and loved them! Kari and the boys are great performers with excellent stage presence and man that girl can sing! Love it!”

Lainie Lou - Fan Review

“I’ve watched Kari and the band deepen and mature the last several years and it’s exciting to hear an album that actually represents the power and humanity you feel when you watch them live! The Gettin' Gone song sounds like it could be on the radio today...I'm serious. Great Lyrics, mixed with great vocals, accented with "Sugarland-like" harmonies on the chorus...just beautiful!I love these guys and I can't wait to see what happens next in their journey. I'd be surprised if this album (Kari Lynch EP) doesn't put them on the map.”

Jason Holdridge - iTunes Fan Review of Kari Lynch EP

“This up and coming band is a huge WOW FACTOR! Mix the best songwriting with the best musicians around and what you get is WOW! JAWBREAKING! If you don't like this, you need more Q-tips!”

“I have seen Kari (and The Dudes) perform at many shows, and I absolutely LOVE the dynamic of the stage presence as they perform together. Kari’s lyrics are real and you can relate to them as well...simply brilliant.”

Lauren Watson - Fan Review

“Things are finally beginning to come together for country singer Kari Lynch.”