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Kareña K / Press

“That should be played on mainstream, it gets in your head (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“I just can't get this out of my head (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K”

“I love it, that is brilliant (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“Kooky enough to be ultra cool (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“If you're listening while driving don't join in with the clapping, it's infectious (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Superb and sublime (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“Another one I'll be buying! That was phenomenal, bloody excellent in fact. (Love Will Find A Way - Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K)”

“'damned brilliant' ' Great Tune, catchy hit !!!! Would love to see this hit the top of the charts' (Love Will Find A Way -Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“'love this song, got the old skool sound going on... nicely done' (Love Will Find A Way by Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K)”

“I think it's absolutely wonderful. That really is a sensational piece of soulful blues. I love it dearly. (Midnight Walk)”

“This song is almost perfect (Road To My Soul)”

“This is sheer bliss... Sounds like it should be the theme for the next Bond Movie (Road To My Soul)”

“No two voices ever sounded better together, than Wily Bo Walker and Kareña K on this song (Long Way To Heaven)”

“'What a beautiful, sultry, sexy voice!'”

“Cracking track (Road To My Soul)”

“Love the song, the production and especially your voice! (Road To My Soul)”

“Silky smooth Kareña K”

“Can't get enough of this new track from Kareña K (Battered & Blue)”

“Love it, goes back in time to the 60s to take you forward. Can't wait to hear more (Battered & Blue)”

“When can I get my hands on the album, love it, absolutely brilliant (Battered & Blue)”

“Phenomenal (Battered & Blue)”

“Uniquely mysterious voice (Battered & Blue)”

“One of the best freakin' covers I've heard by anybody in a long time (Temptation Eyes)”

“Just an all around beautiful sound. After you've finished reading the interview head on over to bandcamp and add this EP to your collection . If you're looking for a rating, let’s call it Outstanding!!”

“...really knows how to sell a song (Battered & Blue)”

“When Wily Bo Walker & Kareña K sing together they have a unique charisma. You just have to listen to the very last drop of the song in your ear”

“This is one sexy, swinging track (Rendez-vous Des Cheminots)”

“This, (Temptation Eyes), in my opinion, is the best version I've heard of this song and she makes it her own, the sign of a true talent”

“Wily is a love bug, Kareña is a goddess (re Walk In Chinese Footsteps by Wily Bo Walker)”

“I'm going to wear these songs out until you get the notice you deserve”

“Wonderful bluesy, jazzy stuff that just uplifts your soul (Review of Rendezvous Des Cheminots)”

“I could play this all day and night (Midnight Walk)”

“Brilliant thematic and Intelligent lyrics- XLNT Musical and Vocal performances that cut to the very soul- What's Not to like?”

Leland Luster - Reverbnation

“Nice job! Grass roots were one of my guilty pleasures. You do this great song justice!”

“(Midnight Walk) My favourite track of 2011...you'll be hearing this one a long long way into next year...”

“(Re Joint release with Wily Bo Walker, 'Angels In The Night') 'got one of those Joe Cocker voices' 'makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck...love it, love it, love it.... featuring Karena K, beautiful voice also'”

“(Review of Midnight Walk) 'Absolutely beautiful..'”

“(Review of Angels In The Night). Absolutely gorgeous, works so well with both of their voices and the orchestration is absolutely astounding....this track is absolutely wonderful.....”

“ A great sexy, sassy voice! Lovely stuff!”

“Delicious voice”

“nice groove...good production...it simmers”

“good vocals...makes you move...grooves like the classics”

“Warm vocals! Very good vibe for a cloudy Sunday evening such as this one. Great job on this.”

“Its awesome!! I am compelled to listen :) Keep it up!!”

"Do you remember?" --- Amazing Karena!!!

“Kareña shares with our audience an unreleased gem, titled “Midnight Walk”, which takes the listener on a contemplative late-night stroll to the ocean for a good old fashioned spiritual cleansing by way of music.”

“'Wow,what a great tune, what a great voice and a great song .......big thumbs up from Michael Angel, I almost feel like I have to take a cold shower now! That was awesome, jeez, um I almost can't talk, usually I'm not speechless at the end of a song but that one, I totally got into that..... ”

“Kareña has the voice that just oozes sultry...”