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KAOS / Press

“From start to finish it is clear that the guys from KAOS are seasoned professionals, and the bay area connection is very clear. With some of the strongest modern day thrash riffery I’ve heard in a long time, combined with the slightly hardcore-edged vocals of screamer JASON DARNELL, KAOS have all the ingredients necessary to break away from the pack and become huge stars in the thrash world, especially with future classics like BLEED SOME MORE and LET GOD SORT THEM OUT, a catchy as all get up song that will glue itself into your frontal lobes for a long time after the disc is over. KAOS, your time is now, welcome to the elite. ”

“Fast-forward to 2010 and we get the band’s latest offering with “The Pits Of Existence”, an album that clearly captures the old-school feeling and it’s marked to push Kaos into the spot light. If Exodus and Forbidden do not deliver with their albums coming out later this year, we will have a winner for the best Trash album of 2010 with “The Pits Of Existence”. On a final note, we definetly recommend you get “The Pits Of Existence” since it will surely be one of the top 10 Trash Metal releases of 2010. The band has finally managed to release a great album, paired with the perfect timing of the Trash resurrection of the last few yeas, there is no saying how far this band will go.”

“Kaos’ brand of modern, technically proficient thrash seems to be gaining ground as the retro-revival wave appears to be gradually losing steam, and I for one welcome the change. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the Eviles and Toxic Holocausts of the world, Kaos’ take on the genre is decidedly more original and subsequently more memorable on The Pits Of Existence, their third full-length. To be fair, some inspiration from the classics is always going to shine through in thrash, but the dudes in Kaos primarily use these influences as a foundation rather than the entire focus of their sound. Jason Darnell’s vocals run all over the place, from high-pitched screams to gang shouts and growls and even some semi-clean spoken word segments. For whatever reason summer is typically when I enjoy thrash the most, and I can definitely see myself reaching for The Pits Of Existence frequently in the coming hot months. Good stuff.”

“Point blank, THE PITS OF EXISTENCE is arguably some of the best thrash metal you’ll hear all year. The eleven tracks here represent everything that made you fall in love with thrash in the first place – super shred guitar riffs, the gang shouts, vocals that spit gravel and bile, general circle pit inducing madness, you get the idea… They’ve taken the best parts of that beloved sound and wrapped them in an appropriately angry and mature presentation for a 2010 audience. Whether it’s the “kick you in your teeth” assault of tunes like “Bleed Some More” and “Soul to Give” or the more drawn out bludgeonings of “Blood Sacrifice” and “Sludge,” the hostility here is presented with enough diversity to keep things interesting and to keep your head banging. KAOS have stepped up and released an album that could well define the rest of their career. Possibly the sleeper hit of 2010, THE PITS OF EXISTENCE is not to be missed.”

"Kaos Among Us" is thunderous, high voltage metal that borders on the frantic and honestly left me breathless. The lyrical content is harsh and yet poetic and effortlessly draws you into the band's darkly rich world.