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J.A.H. / Press

“You're one of the coolest people I've ever met, but I can't see you anymore or ever talk to you ... I'm just gonna ignore you ... go make a song about that”

Starts with a D ends with arlisa - Wishing on a D

“All she had to say was, "Bwaahaha"”

D ... as in D(elightful & the light on my couch) - Gardena Couch Sunbathers Gazette

“Mister, Stop writing songs about me ... I'm gonna call the cops ... I'll put a restraining order on your arse ... for phuck's sake ... you can't go thinking about me everyday for the rest of your life, can you ???”

Sushi Girl - Paradise Press

“F*ck the world ... J.A.H. is f*cking RAD ... J.A.H. is playing for my B-Day at the VFW or the Lopez Lounge ... J.A.H. deserves everything and anything that JAH provides ... I want J.A.H. to be Taquito's godfather ... Keep smiling ... CLASS FIVE ... You only have one life to live ... live it, J.A.H....”

Ambie D in the place to be - Taco Times


Dave Resin - Resin Music / Surf Roots Radio / Reggae Nation

“Mike, took the J.A.H. sticker off the van, man. Every day we'd look out the window to go to another rad Originalites show and see that J.A.H. sticker, thinking ... Who the f@#$ is J.A.H. ??? Just Another Habit !!!”

Daniel Tello - The Originalites

“Do you play in a band ??? --- "I need a drummer, want to play for J.A.H.?" --- Uuuhhh, (thinking long and deep) ...”

Nick from LAW - LAW - Jakob's Band

“How's your band coming along, what's it called again, __J._A._H.__ ??? We should start a ukulele cover band, punk rock ukes ... Uke Can Lei Me ... I can play the Fid'l Stick. Smack the bongo drums like I used to do in Product ... rip it up Ras Tafari stylee, bhoomp, bhoomp”

Dan Inez - M1SK

“Are you guys gonna ever play The V? Get out there before you get old like me ... Do you want to hit this or what, cause I have the coolest wife inside waiting to buy me a beer?”

Mike Rodriguez - One Handed Readers

"Don't you guys play anything other than reggae?"

Dan Inez - M.1.S.K.

"You quit the band, Bubba ... and you never come over to jam anymore, dick"

Jackhammer Josh - I Love C.S. Tattoos

"Dude, you need to learn how to sing from your balls, not your vag ..."

Bubba - Special C

"Who the f*ck is J.A.H.? They put a sticker on our f*cking van. (J.A.H.'s sitting co-pilot) Man, that's not cool ..."

Mike from the OG-ites - The Originalites

"Heh, saw your guys' video on Facebook ... I was diggin' it ... tell me and I'll put you on an Indo Radio gig ... get me a recording, I'll put it on INDO RADIO"

Adam the bat - INDO RADIO