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Julio Reyes / Press

“August 19, 2013 Paraguayan guitarist Julio Reyes made his concert debut in the Old First Concerts series at Old First Church when he was twelve years old. That would have been in 1977. Both Reyes and Old First Concerts have progressed considerably since then. Yesterday afternoon Reyes returned to Old First. As might be guessed, his repertoire had expanded; and this time his program drew heavily upon a CD he released in 2010 entitled Heart Strings. The second half of the program was devoted entirely to the music of the famous Paraguayan classical guitarist Agustín Barrios. Reyes’ own teacher, Dionicio Basualdo, was a protégé of Barrios; so there was a strong personal element in his connection to Barrios. This was evident in the remarks he provided to introduce compositions that many of us were hearing for the first time. The program nicely surveyed the diversity of the guitar repertoire, enhanced by the brief but highly personalized observations Reyes offered to introduce each p”

"Julio Reyes' beautiful interpretations of Barrios reveal his unique Paraguayan heritage and insight. This CD (Heart Strings) is a gem for those who love the music of Mangoré."

~ Richard “Rico” Stover, Guitarist and leading authority on the life and mus - After listening to "Heart Strings"

“Reyes plays sensitively and with exquisite musicianship. Never hurried, never strained, his technique seems to exist only to serve the underlying musical meaning. I was not overly surprised in hearing his deliberate and convincing phrasing, as I knew that Reyes is also an experienced conductor, having served as an assistant to Kent Nagano in the 1980s and 1990s. As I listened to Reyes’ performances, I heard a musician who just happened to play the guitar, and that helped instill some new life in the well-known and often-heard repertoire. His appropriately slow and longing interpretation of Barrios’s classic Julia Florida was a favorite of mine. I heartily recommend checking out his honest and beautiful work; aside from the sheer pleasure derived from listening, there is much to learn on a musical and interpretive level from every aspect of his playing.”