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Julian Shah-Tayler / Press

“Julian Shah-Tayler is a young man who has the potential to become a legendary superstar. Folks into 1980s music by artists like David Bowie and Peter Murphy will find a lot to love here. Mr. Shah-Tayler writes and records highly melodic, danceable, somewhat emotionally detached modern pop music. Songs are the real strength here...as this man manages to come up with a mound of oughta-be hits. There's a lot to take in here...twenty-one tracks of classy, classic pop perfection. Totally cool groove driven pop cuts include "Revolution," "Wetter" (this one is infectious), "Northern Light," "Show Me Your Soul," and "Lullabies." Cool stuff. Top pick. ”

“I would have expected nothing less than aural perfection and Wetter doesn't pull any punches, its as good as it gets”

"I love this album, it's fantastic" - Yorkie

“A terrific listen: vast amounts of pure beauty skillfully draped with the trappings of remarkable melodies Julian Shah-Tayler's cool, suave vocals are featured exceptionally well on Coito Ergo Sum”

"accessible, intelligent, and skilled"

“Julian Shah-Tayler was born to make music. Putting out an EP every few months and pumping out 50-70 songs a year is no easy feat, unless you show prevalently the aspects of a well-rounded musician. His robust musicianship is responsible for his versatility as an artist. What I noticed after listening to his latest EP, Un Ange Passe, is that Julian is a songwriter who creates for his heart’s content. He strays from songwriting conventions and isn’t afraid to experiment if it amuses his untypical sensibilities.”

“When you were growing up, was there ever that kid in your class that was good at everything? ...... Julian Shah-Tayler is an artist to watch for his versatility,musical integrity and sophisticated artistry.”

“The amount of material that Julian has recorded in various guises and heady collaborations over the last few years is simply impressive. The self publicised E.P`s seem to be his current passion, the range of vocal style and diversity turns this sophisticated avant-pop into sleek studio perfection.”

“OK you may ask but what about the music? Well I have to say having been very impressed with the last release, this latest offering is perhaps even stronger. Great songs, and excellent musicianship and production make Julian a likely contender for much bigger status in the music industry”

“What amazed me about his music was how different the first EP was form the 2nd. I liked his sound so much that I felt I needed to ask him a few questions about his musical experiences.”

“A great display of Julian's talents and of his variety in music making. The EP is a real musical journey; taking us from grooving pop rock, chilling out with some more mellow tracks and finishing with a real rave of a tune. I urge you to download the EP now!”

"Wetter" is a straight up, extremely catchy pop song that is sure to get Julian even more praise.

“Playing all the instruments on this EP, you can tell this guy has massive talent as a musician. He crafts songs that really invoke emotions within the listener. This guy has something going for him, and when his EP drops, I think people will start to notice”

“his song writing and performance is quite stunning. The melodies and variety of styles he uses along with first class production have really gained my attention”

“Wonderful vocals. The Production is Superior”

“A breathtaking talent that continues to draw influence from all the right places.”

“Julian Shah-Tayler This slowed-down, distorted version seems to answer the question, What if The Cure actually sounded like the contemporary emo bands they inspired? Dig that guitar solo! ”

"Sublime Rock Electronica"

“His sound is reminiscent of London new wave at its danceable best to sweet, soulful ballads from the heart. All of it is well-composed and thoughtful”

“One song in particular that caught my eye was called “Wetter.” I wouldn’t know how to genrify it, I’d say Electrockdy but that’s more of a combination of genres. It’s quite up tempo and there’s some nice vocals so I recommend you check it out”

“obscure electro-pop/rock EP to wrap your ears around”

“Nerdy Frames blog post”

“Interview about working with Joaquin Phoenix”

“Recordapedia Interview”

“Julian Shah-Tayler, self-producing artist, speaks with Breakthrough Band about his music and offers an inside look at the path he is trekking. ”

“Singer Julian Shah-Tayler performs at the Los Angeles Pride Festival on June 14, 2009 in West Hollywood, California.”

"Musician Julian Shah-Tayler arrives at Paper Magazine's 12th Annual Beautiful People Party..."

“Julian Shah-Tayler honors a muse with EP”

“Recently, I had the chance to see Julian’s show first hand and was astounded to see the amount of energy he brought to the stage. The audience ate the whole thing up”