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JT Phillips / Press

“The New Age Outlaw – Live at Louie G’s The night of June 8th, 2013 proved to be a night of validation for one Garrett Whitney. The New Age Outlaw stepped up to the stage for his long anticipated CD release party at the one and only Louie G’s in Fife, Wa. The latest addition to the Mental Itch Records family, Whitney dumped a barrage of powerful, soulful melodies on the crowd leaving no doubt that the New Age Outlaw has arrived. His self-described ”Gruntry” style combines a brilliant mix of Country and Rock & Roll that is both incautious and straightforward. ... Whitney had a huge supporting cast on stage during his live CD release performance. Playing lead guitar was the one and only J.T. Philips. J.T. Phillips is a guitar player, plain and simple. Philips has been involved with some of the biggest names in the Seattle music scene. Playing with the likes of Jar of Flies, Outshined and Klover Jane. J.T. Phillips is currently a Guitar Teacher, working at the 4/4 School o”

“I found Rane Stone and Klover Jane after hearing about them on the radio on KISW and started to check them out on facebook... I decided to take my chances with Rane Stone and drag my husband out to an unknown venue in Woodinville last night for an acoustic show of unknown quality and see if I could get him interested and excited about something new. ... Rane Stone is an amazing performer, especially for a very small venue, which lent itself well to the acuoustic set up last night. He is involved with his own solo acoustic show, with guitar back up by an amazing J.T. Phillips, as well as the local band Klover Jane, an Alice in Chains cover band called Jar of Flies, and a project with Michael Wilton of Queensryche called Wratchet head. His voice has a quality seldom heard these days and I love the fact you can listen loud and still understand the lyrics. This made it easy to start singing along with his original songs as well.”

“Klover Jane, Tattoo'd Kandy (out now, self-released, reverbnation.com/kloverjane): In the distinct style of Soundgarden, Klover Jane's wailing vocals and sludgy guitar demand you crank the volume up to 11. The band may be noticeably stuck playing '90s rock, but no one's complaining when it's so damn catchy. JL”

“So, I was recently introduced to the band Klover Jane. This came courtesy of a Reverb Nation role call that I posted looking for new artists for my internet radio show, Auditory Slam. Immediately upon getting Klover Jane's submission, I was awestruck. I immediatelywas struck by the fact that they sounded eerily like Mother Love Bone yet without actually TRYING to copy them. You could tell it was just a natural extension of who they were as a band. ... I was gifted with both of the band's ep's. The first was "Rock n Rolla." The second and current is named "Tattoo'd Kandy." The two ep's combined contain 11 songs over 41 minutes of pure, face melting, adrenaline inducing rock n roll. ... Overall, These songs rock from beginning to end. There's a passion, fury, and syle to these songs that has long been missing from music. The lyrics have meaning and fit the music perfectly. Plain and simple, this is one bad mother of a band. ”

“Klover Jane: Rock-N-Rolla… West-Coast vocalist and songwriter, Rane Stone is the front man for the Seattle band “Klover Jane” & also the lead singer of Seattle’s only Alice in Chains tribute “Jar of Flies”. Bass Player and back-up vocalist Jay Clark previously was the lead singer and bassist for the infamous 80′s metal band Coven. Guitarist and back-up vocalist Jeff Noble and drummer Dean Noble are the lifeblood of the band. Jeff and Dean Noble were in many bands over the years including “Noble Cauz” which had it’s share of local success. Guitarist J.T. Phillips lives to play music, listen to music and be involved in music. He has been working with Rane Stone for years as a sonic companion to Rane’s powerful vocals and well-written songs. He also plays guitar in two of the Northwest’s premier tribute bands, Jar of Flies (Alice in Chains Tribute) & Outshined (Soundgarden/Temple of the Dog Tribute).”

“Attention all Seattleites, King County and Puget Sound residents! A previously scheduled Jar of Flies rock music show at Neumos in Seattle, Washington, is now a combined music show and tribute to Michael Christopher Starr, formerly of Alice in Chains. Starr recently passed away at his home in Utah, on March 8, 2011. The Jar of Flies event (the Ultimate Alice in Chains Experience) takes place on St. Patrick's Day, Thursday, March 17, 2011. Jar of Flies is made up of the phenomenal musical talents of Rane Stone, Jonny Smokes, JT Phillips, Shannon Sharpe and Daryl Williams. This is the Pacific Northwest's ONLY Alice in Chains tribute band. Continue reading on Examiner.com: Alice in Chains tribute band - Jar of Flies event - Spokane rock music | http://www.examiner.com/rock-music-in-spokane/alice-chains-tribute-band-jar-of-flies-event#ixzz1GhNJmBAa”

“QUEENSRŸCHE Guitarist To Perform At New 'Whip Ale' Event In Washington - July 27, 2010 The bands playing at this event are OUTSHINED (a kick-ass and sonically precise SOUNDGARDEN tribute) and KLOVER JANE (featuring Rane Stone – singer of Michael Wilton's other band, WRATCHET HEAD). In addition, Whip who is sponsored by Krank Amps and ESP Guitars, will perform his usual set.”

“Sunday, March 08, 2009 -- JAR OF FLIES REVIEW -- "Alice In Chains & Soundgarden Well Represented in Seattle" Who’d of thought one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen would be a free admission DVD video shoot at the Columbia City Theater in south Seattle. I’m not trying to blow smoke up your tailpipe...it really was that good. I’d heard from many people say how great JAR OF FLIES (”Alice In Chains” tribute band) was and had planned on checking them out eventually. Well, I recently had seen a bulletin on MySpace about A DVD video shoot featuring “Jar Of Flies” and a newly formed “Soundgarden/Temple Of The Dog” tribute band called SUPERUNKNOWN. .... Follow the link to the "Jar of Flies (Alice in Chains Tribute Band) myspace page to read the complete story.”