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Josh Hill Band / Press

“It will be interesting to trace the path that Hill's career will take as he continues to drive himself into new territory. The Josh Hill Band will be touring in support of Still Frames, and it will be interesting to see how folks react to the Blues performed in a new format. It's really something quite wonderful, and as many conversations have stated that the music needs to evolve for each generation, Josh Hill's sound may be just what we need to get the younger audience to begin crossing over into the Blues once more.”

“Still Frames is Josh's second release. It's an easy recording to listen to, with each song meshing nicely with the others while still maintaining a nice flow from a smooth, almost jazz sound to more energetic blues-rock. My personal favorite song is the first one, Miracles, which, to me, shows an obvious Jimi Hendrix influence. Other songs evoke for me early British blues-rock, like The Animals and The Yardbirds, and still others show shades of Stevie Wonder, John Mayer and Santana.”

“From drums to guitar, Josh Hill knows how to do it all”

MICHAEL McHALE - Lincoln Journal Star

““Josh Hill has successfully blended pop ideas, both new and old, without losing the authenticity of roots music. Delivered with a vast openness that reflects the stark Nebraska landscape he hails from, Hill shows much promise as a songwriter and performer. I know when I book him, he will reach to the depths, performing with a frank honesty that he presents both on and off stage.””

Joshua Hoyer - The Zoo Bar

““Josh Hill’s music is crisp, energetic, forceful – in short, it rocks! It combines great playing, superb, tight arrangements, meaningful lyrics and excellent production. It is everything that great pop music should be.””

Tom Larson - University of Nebraska College of Music

““The band finds the border, which I didn’t know existed, between pop music and the blues””

Neil Sandhoefne - The Omaha Weekly Reader

“He (Hill) is an artist of many talents. As a songwriter, his lyrics come from the depths of his soul and are well crafted ideas which only make the listening experience more rewarding. He uses words like a painter uses a brush, coloring his songs with many different hues of emotional content. His abilities as a musician far exceed those of most people as he has become a master of many different instruments. This young man has only just begun his musical journey and at the rate of his successes, only time will tell how very far he can go in his quest for greatness. I only look for good things to come from him in the future.”

Dan Kane - Power Base Studio