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JonBlaQ / Press

“he really has thought provoking rhymes that stimulates your mental would like to he really has thought provoking rhymes that stimulates your mental would like to hear more from him. he could really be the next big thing around.”

“Outspoken, Smooth and rugged at the same pace This cd is a true hiphop classic if you like phat lyrics and bangin beats. The whole cd flows very smooth in a unique order def one of those cd's you can put in the system and let it play. From the beggining to the end the music takes you on a journey that will keep the listeners wide open.”

“One of the best albums I ever bought! Deep lyrics! I gotta say this is one of the best CDs I have ever bought! Listenin to the samples on this site don't do this man justice. You gotta hear the whole song through on every cut... This CD is full of deep, thought provoking, conscious lyrics that anyone can appreciate at any age. Jon Blaq's metaphors are creative, he has great storytelling ability, and he has very clever rhyme schemes. This man represents what hip hop was intended to be and needs to get back to - creativity, substantial content, originality, and hot music/melodies. The Neva Ending story is what happens when a man with intelligence and skills makes a whole project... Trust me what you are payin for this CD is nothin cause what Jon Blaq has to say is priceless. And thats THA TRUTH ;)”

“Rhymes for Life This is "real hip hop." JonBlaQ writes rhymes for life that will remind you of artists like the Pharcyde, Black Star, De La Soul and Slik Rick. JonBlaQ is skillful at taking the scenery of life and expressing it in the form of poetry.”

“yo nice tracks. i really like what i heard. ur style is hot.”

J. Criddle - soundclick.com

“was happenin JB, sorry ain't gott back in a while, peepin' No More, I feel I owe you some proper support on that. Flow: Perfect, not a slip, thas some crazzy shi' rite hear, an' I was lisanin carefully. Lyrics: Well there nah doubt that lyrics be your best feature, the mind goes crazy as you flip verbal acrobats, thas the ill that i like to hear nam' saying. Hook: real sick, really felt the power on that hook, felt the emotion connected forreal, an' kept the lyrics not simplistic and not too 'Tricky' nam' sayin'. Verdict: 8 or 9 out of 10. Pure ill, kepp makin those crazzy tracks il be back wid' more support soon ya know.1.P.I.G”

1.P.I.G - soundclick.com

“Hey man, all the tracks are hott as hell. Voted "hott", keep it up. Make sure you stop by and listen to my sh** too, I'd love to hear feedback from you.Please help get me up to the top 10!!!”

magic trax - sounclick.com