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Jonathan Vassar and The Speckled Bird / Press

“Well-crafted words embrace nature's intricate details while steady rhythms move around them like swift currents. Combined with dexterous finger picking and the classically trained Antonia Vassar's complementary vocals, ...[The Sky and Country is] a beautiful affair. Whether you call it roots music, Americana, or folk, one thing is certain: Jonathan Vassar creates damn fine, timeless music.”

“[The Sky and Country] is full of the free flowing light sounding music that Vassar and company are known for. This time around, they delve deeper into the depths of dark folk (how’s that for alliteration?) and create some truly haunting gems."”

““Signs and Wonders” is an uncluttered, delicately arranged, album of chamber folk. Vassar’s voice, inviting and unimposing, pulls the listener in. The music gently swells and never overwhelms an appealing intimacy.”

“Signs & Wonders, the sublime effort from Richmonders Jonathan Vassar & The Speckled Bird. It's a lovely record, touched by shades of the countryside and days gone by. Do your record collection a favor and get your mitts on this one.”

“Signs and Wonders’ is a beautiful, thoughtful y executed album of personal songs. Each one sounds painstakingly arranged, using only what will cut to the emotional core, which it does so with alarming potency. The Triple Stamp imprint seems to be a by-word of quality for fascinating Americana-hued brilliance. Vassar’s new album is a very worthy addition to that catalogue.”

“the new record...is a really strong collection of folk songs full of interesting melodies and strong vocal harmonies. the band’s arsenal includes guitar, banjo, mandolin, accordion, glockenspiel, strings, clarinet, organ…the list goes on. long story short, they do it all, but never do you feel lost in a whirlwind of instrumental madness…it comes together perfectly.”

“Vassar and the Speckled Bird have demonstrated something that is unique and peculiar. They have enabled themselves to remove all elements that may have restrained the group in the past. As a result, they surge forward in a way that surpasses all expectations anyone may have had in the past.”

“This band has a flat-out gorgeous sound, rich with the timbre of the beautiful Virginia countryside and awash with twists and turns of folksy delights.”

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get any bleaker, Jonathan Vassar and the Speckled Bird will stir your spirit with their first full-length, “Signs and Wonders.” The Southern Gothic folk quartet has swelled its heart-wrenching arrangements with assistance from violinist Jessika Blanks of Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat, and percussionist Willis Thompson of the Diamond Center, as well as mixing and production from member Josh Quarles in his Book House Studios. The album is release No. 10 for Richmond’s Triple Stamp Records.”

“[Jonathan Vassar] has returned with this six-song collection of earthy, roots-imbued gems recorded in a log cabin. The disc allows his crystalline vocals to take center stage, while letting the accomplishments of his multi-instrumentalists anchor much of the disc's landscape. If it sounds old-school, refined and simple, that's because it's supposed to, and hot damn, it doesn't get any better than this.”

“An enchanting set of not-exactly old-timey music. Vassar and company ramble through archaic-sounding americana, but there are more modern influences than immediately hit the ear. I like the way these folks simply set themselves down and play.”

“The imagery on this album evokes traditional folk songs that are delivered with a modern contemporary approach. The obligatory banjo, mandolin and accordion are present but they’re accompanied by clarinet, cello and singing saw...with some fine harmonising from Antonia Vassar.”

“Vassar is simply a good songwriter, and the Speckled Bird plays tight and close to that vision. I hope that Vassar and the Speckled Bird continue their partnership and write much more work together, honing their already tight vision.”

“With this new EP, Vassar is playing by his own set of rules and the resulting songs are epic in tone. The Fire Next Time is a fair testament to the way Vassar and the Speckled Bird sound in a live environment.”

“'The Fire Next Time' is full of metaphor and metamorphosis. Vassar once again proves what a natural songwriter he is and how perfectly The Speckled Bird fits with him. A little more mellow. It's something you can put on and relax to.”

“If you were siting at ease in a rocking chair paying mind to only the natural world before your eyes, you'd want Jonathan Vassar and his acoustic guitar by your side...Triple Stamp Records knew exactly what they were doing when they signed this gentleman.”

“There’s an idyllic quality to the life of Jonathan Vassar and Antonia FD Vassar. Nine years after meeting at a backyard bonfire where he was playing songs, Jonathan and Antonia live in a log cabin together, drive to work together and play in a band together.”

“With each line in the remainder of the effort, Vassar's collection of influences from decades ago shine through, uniting new indie folk with hints of James Taylor and alt-country. 'The Hours and the Days' is a solid EP that has set Vassar up for success in his next effort.”

“With "The Hours and The Days," Vassar's craft is fully realized...With this new batch of songs, he has set a tone in his songwriting that has put him far above the game.”

“Some music transports in the way it takes you away from whatever computer or headphones you happen to be listening from and drops you in another place. Jonathan Vassar’s seven track LP The Hours and the Days does this, from the computer screen to the saloon.”

"The album (The Hours and the Days) flows through ghostly murder ballads ("About a Dog"), sparse folk lullabies ("Arm & Hammer") and upbeat gypsy rock ("Knuckle Shuffle") that weave colorful imagery and memorable lines with haunting narratives."

“Songwriting is king on an album like this, and Vassar has a sure hand. Whether quiet or rollicking, he knows how to cut to the emotional center of a story. Most impressive.”

"...Potently emotive and characterised by a genuine lyricism."

“Vassar carefully constructs his complex arrangements with a lush acoustic melody supplemented by his rugged voice... What we get...is The Hours and The Days, a wonderful surprise to the ears of folk and non-folk lovers alike.”