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Johnny Roadkill / Press

“Johnny Roadkill kicks some serious arse. Their live set = explosive! Need some high octane rock n roll fuel? Then check these bastards out!!!!”

“You guys were fantastic! Loved it, loved it, loved it!! xo”

Kerrie Tyrrell - Facebook

“Awesome show last night dudes!”

Alan Hilvert-Bruce - Facebook

“I had the best time tonight, you guys ROCK!”

Michelle M Munro - Facebook

“Rad times on Saturday night boys... rad times!!!!!”

Brendan Howard - Facebook

“Fireworks, porn and good Aussie rock! Here’s… JOHNNY ROADKILL, another hard drinking, fast living band from the country’s capital. This is their debut EP and it’s a really good effort. From the screeching Bon Scott-esque vocals come some entertaining songs and it’s a solid platform to begin their career. Upon first listen it all seems fairly straightforward, screeching vocals and big riffs but these guys might just be a bit deeper than they care to admit.”

“The songs are really well constructed. You might even be so brazen as to call them the thinking man’s VeeBees! There isn’t a weak track on the album. The sound is very Skid Row with an early AC/DC vocal so if you are a person who just can’t let the 80's go, you would enjoy this. It’s balls out rock 'n' roll and they sound like they are having the time of their lives. I Don't Think So is the opening track to get this debauchery underway and it's alcoholism at its finest. It’s the ultimate drinking song and the best song on the EP. There is a cheeky confidence about JOHNNY ROADKILL and I can’t help but like them.”

“WOW.....I've just listened to your song again! Like it a lot! Good job xx”

“sounds great guys....well done keep it up :)”

“awesome clip boyz, well done to you all :) :) :)”

“You guys sound awesome ........:)))”

“I just downloaded your 3 songs...love your work...oh and Mr Osborne is hot as guts...lol”

Anne Liebeck - Facebook comment

“It has grunt, it has groove and it has a very catchy chorus. Good work!”

“You can give me a little bit of sugar anytime you sexy beast! Great song.”

“Wowee......this song makes me horny!”

“Who is this Johnny person and why are my pants shrinking? ”

“Very ballsy rock, love this one!”

“Love this track. Johnny Roadkill are HOT!”

“Good song. Very listenable.”

“Really good tune... definitely tell guns 'n' roses are an influence, they sound a lot like gunners in there earlier days... Sugar kicks arse and you boys are awesome! keep rocking!”

“Cool driving music.....especially if you're driving faster than a bat out of hell!”

“Really catchy tune.... sounds a lot like AC/DC.... UNREAL!”

“Very ACDC like, not too bad at all.”

“Turn it up! The more i hear it the more i love it!”

“good songs too..nice tight riffs”

Chris Hartley - Professional Musician - Email

“A little bit of showmanship can go a long way and they’re not afraid to play the moves.”

“Right from the start these guys nailed it. Good songs, and great execution resulted in a very entertaining set, full of variety.”

“Roadkill’s also got a scary looking lead singer able to strut even on the small stage.”

“Was blown away....great stuff”

Chris Hartley - Email

“They’ve got an amazing ability to sound a lot like ACDC, while still singing their own songs.”

“Johnny Roadkill opened the night with a stunning set of balls-out hard rock.”

“Saturday, 09 May 2009 The Basement, Canberra Kill for Satan, Spoil, Johnny Roadkill”

“Dreadnaught bring their intense, ear melting show to Australias Capital on May 9. Be prepared to be blown away! Dont say I didnt warn you.. Joining Dreadnaught at the Basement in Belconnen will be local heavy weights, Kill For Satan, Spoil and newcomers Johnny Roadkill ”