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Johnny Bennett / Press

“Los Angeles’s Johnny Bennett sings great, even better this time if you ask me. You can feel it’s authentic music, hungry but not weird, made for us, made with the purpose to make you feel better. Not to promote a new cellphone or a lipstick. A mature record, i think i will keep it to myself though, you know the feeling. With artists like this, let it be our little secret in a world full of spotify-lists, cheap paté, and bestselling records served on a petrol station. ”

“The Lonesome Highway has had a lot of casualties over the years. Few survivors like Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Gram Parsons and Jackson Browne have found a way to capture that struggle, longing, and pain into music that has captured even the most blackest of hearts. Well, it’s time to let little more love into your black heart. His name is Johnny Bennett; his music: sparse and engaging; his lyrics: dark and cutting; his voice: aged with cigarettes, whiskey and broken dreams. It’s only a matter of time that Johnny Bennett will take his place amongst the mavericks, gunslingers and troubadours mentioned above.”

Josh Bernstein - Royal Flush 2011

“Very transparent sounding and repeat-worthy, the background fills in well around his voice. No fillers either, just solid throughout. Do yourself a favor and check this out. 9 of 10 clicks”

The Canny Shark

“Johnny plays laid-back blues with style and emotion. My favorite tunes are when the band gets a bit upbeat like on "World on Fire" and "You Will Begin" when he channels a bit of the early days of rock n roll like Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry or more contemporary artists like Reverend Horton Heat.”

Grog Mutant - The Chicken Fish Speaks

“It is a rather unassuming album that it takes a while to figure out, but which turns out to grow with each listening. Johnny Bennett appears therefore to be a very pleasant acquaintance that is well worth it and keep an eye on him in the future.”


"One Night Bag" and "Lights in the Drive" are as lyrical and searing as anything from Nick Drake's Pink Moon and Five Leaves Left. The Violet Hush ends with the perky little swing number "You Will Begin," which comes like a lemon sorbet to close out a robust buffet of complementary dishes.


“There are a couple acoustic gems and the album overall flows smoothly and it’s simplicity and traditional influences make it an easy album to get to know.”

Jonathan Goller - Comfort Comes

“Johnny Bennett is well equipped to draw on varied walks of life, adding a precious depth and quality to his work.”

Female First

“It is difficult to pigeon hole Johnny Bennett’s music but then is it really necessary to do that? There is certainly an eclectic mix on The Violet Hush, and a few tracks here that could be good for dancing. Variety is the spice of life, they say…”


“Acoustic Sex Rock! The Violet Hush has a more subdued, Nick Drake tone that's peppered with both beer-drinkers and hellraisers to round out this journey to the bad side of town. Oh Johnny Bennett you inglourious bastard, you've soothed my soul once again! I need a bubble bath. 4 out of 5 Stars”

Royal Flush

“Bennett’s sincerity and warmth spill out genuinely in lyrics I’m guessing most folks will relate to. The sound? Feels like all Johnny Bennett.”

Luxury Wafers

“Bennett succeeds in all aspects of The Violet Hush, never having too many ideas in one place. In a time where career longevity is uncertain Bennett has the chance to beat the odds. Here’s hoping he makes a handful of genre diverse albums, especially on the jazzy side.”


“But even more impressive still is that they can go effortlessly from the foot stompin’ fist pumpin’ “World on Fire” to beautiful meaningful ballads like “Sailboat” & “Why Are You So Happy?” Very Radiohead.”

Kate Miller - NY Waste

“Hell mend them if they can’t take pleasure in such a delightful musical journey and it’s been beautifully produced by Duane Lundy, who should get plenty of work off the back of this. The ten songs flash by in half an hour, and I defy you not to hit the repeat button instantly.”


“Listen again and you'll be in, caught-up, hooked and ready to go! 'The Violet Hush' by Johnny Bennett is a classy and compelling piece of mid-ground rock of the highest calibre and with the potential to be a monster!”

Toxic Pete

“Johnny Bennett The Violet Hush —Cat Stevens singing pop-rock tunes would sound like this.”

Jeff Hahne - Creative Loafing

“The Violet Hush has a solid foundation that aficionados of indy music are seeking.”

L. Anne Carrington - Indie Music Stop

“The songs could almost be categorized as simple pop ditties, but that’s just not the case. Each tune is catchy, but Bennett adds a layered, complex sound to every track on "The Violet Hush." Refreshing and new, Johnny Bennett is very much the future of bluesy singer-songwriter indie rock. ”

Dino Lull - Metro Spirt

“He also has a way of feasting with panthers while alternately breathing fire or lamenting the way of things.”

Folk and Music Exchange

“He has produced a previous album and a group of EP’s and singles but is, as yet, not well known in the UK. This album may change that. Songs like “Done with it” and the wistful single “Sailboat” demonstrate neatly the range of his delivery. A name to watch, could be the next David Gray. ”


“The strongest track on the album – Sister Pharmaceutical is loaded with crashing guitars and red Indian tom-tom style drumming with Johnny Bennett singing a tale of dependency in his best John Fogerty mode… ”


“Johnny Bennett rocks and “The Violet Hush” is a quality bit of singer-songwriter kit. Muscular, gonad-goading, slickly tricky rock-pop monsters like “Sister Pharmaceutical” come screaming out of the traps like Jason Morphew on a diet of Dr Feelgood.”


“Johnny Bennett's sly, sassy croon is unfailingly infectious, a brash combination of Paul Simon and Joe Jackson with a perky pop execution.”