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John Friday / Press

"Coastal Cowboy, John Friday's 3rd and latest album shows an incredible growth in both song writing and performance following two already great Trop Rock albums. With some additional stellar performances from other great SWFL Trop Rockers, Coastal Cowboy is destined to become one of the stand-out Trop Rock albums of 2012 and once again proves why John IS the Teddy Bear Of Trop Rock"- DJ Jeff Allen

“The tropical night shifted gears. Waves of romantic tropical music danced through the air, and John had whisked us away to a warm tropical evening...He sang so wonderfully and beautifully, with the warmth from his heart flowing like whispers in our ears.”

“When he's not strumming songs with titles such as "Boats Without Sails" and "Dancin' on the Levee" on his Breedlove guitar, Friday is either marketing himself or writing songs. And like any artist, Friday labors over the lyrics. Songs emerge from phrases he overhears in conversation, stories he reads in newspapers or in novels and experiences that stick in his mind. Like his down-to-earth demeanor with the crowd, crafting songs from everyday images helps listeners identify with Friday's music. ”

“[H]e has written some great songs! Some touching...some funny...all entertaining!”

Jeff Alldredge - Naples PHC Newsletter