“Was a wonderful show, smooth Blues... you guys sounded great.. Thank you Cec Brackin's Blues Bar Maryille, TN”

“John did a terrific job, always a crowd pleaser! Thanks for helping us make it a success!”

“John D’Amato, A “spectacularly frenetic” musician and his passion flows from the music”

"John D'Amato and his band knocked it out of the park at our Soul of the Blues Festival.Rocking Greenwich Village with a blast of super-charged blues.Happy to have them back any time!"

Jon Sobel Promoter - Soul of The Blues Festival

“At this moment I'm in an absolute state of awe.”

"Now here's a real guitar player"

Joe Louis Walker - At the Handy Blues Festival in Kentucky.

“The speed is Alvin Lee, the bent is Stevie Ray, the Chicago dirty white boy voicing is Kim Simmonds, but the notes are all his. Tell me the last time you heard that.”

"John your a guitar playing machine"

MacArnold (Muddy Waters Bass Player} - After we performed together at the Jennifier Walsh Benefit in Greenville, SC

““D’Amato’s relentless breakneck licks” ”

"Amazing blues playing".

Jim Basara - Guitar Jam Daily

"Tearing it up"

Guitars Plus USA