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John Batdorf / Press

“October, 2014 - "What a special night! This was our first show unplugged and John was fantastic! He was charming as a guest, his songs were thought-provoking and kind, and his performance was outstanding. We highly recommend him as both a performer and a guest. John has an outstanding voice along with flawless guitar playing. The range of his songwriting came as an unexpected surprise for us who had not followed his productive career.That made these wonderfully crafted songs both brand new and familiar." ) - See more at:”

“September, 2014 - "WOW! John was a tremendous hit for our first house concert! His demeanor coupled with his musical talent impressed everyone. His songwriting is second to none and the stories that go with them lends a personal touch. He was the perfect kick off for our home concert series and provided all kinds of great advice leading up to the show. We could not have asked for a better partner in all aspects of the preparations and the actual performance! Thank you, John, for a wonderful evening! Book this guy!" - See more at:”

“John Batdorf has a voice like the one we all wanted to hear as children-- confident enough to get our attention and loving enough that is does not raise up our walls. Soundtrax 2 Recovery is a audio reminder that you are not alone. It is supportive without being demanding. The album witnesses without judging your life; you can lead a horse to water but not make it drink. John Batdorf and Michael McLean don’t force sobriety down your throat, but they do let you know just how damn good recovery tastes.”

"I knew John was going to put on an excellent show, but he exceeded my expectations! His technical expertise, song choice & the back stories, willingness to please, his sense of humor, & open humble spirit, all added up for an evening to remember! In addition, he is just a downright wonderful human being! He was a wonderful guest. Highly recommended!"

“Somewhere back in time, John Batdorf made a decision to sing songs that make us feel a little better about ourselves and our lives. As John points out in “Ain’t Dead Yet “, the opener for his recent release Soundtrax 2 Recovery, his words are as much for himself as for the listener; “I am part of this crew, I’m in this boat with you”. Soundtrax 2 Recoveryis a collection of songs written by John Batdorf and Michael McLean. The album is powerful in its presence, strong in its beliefs that words and music can make a difference.”

“John Batdorf and Terry Holder The consummate singer-songwriter, John Batdorf brought a bushel basket full of thoughtfully conceived songs containing insightful lyrics and tuneful melodies and delivered them to a rapt audience. With his clear, articulate, pitch-perfect tenor voice and superb acoustic guitar accompaniment, Batdorf made excellent use of the natural resonance of the room and moved effortlessly from delicate finger picking ballads to rhythmic rockers with powerful lead lines and strumming. His easy, relaxed stage presence and refreshingly transparent guitar sound (among the finest I've ever heard) were an added bonus to a performance that left nothing lacking. Terry Holder opened for John Batdorf with a solid, heart-felt set of originals and accompanied her sweet light and lilting soprano with fine open-tuned guitar. Terry’s performance was complimented by the skilled lead guitar work and vocal harmony of her husband, Jerry Holder, who added just the right touch”

“John Batdorf * "One Last Wish" Many of these songs have the Springsteen-like dynamic of endurance and self-belief. Unlike so much current music which paints landscapes both bleak and lonely, this is affirmative music, music that seems to have emanated from an old soul of much empathy and soul. He’s a great singer, with an expressive tenor like an unbound Don Henley on some songs, with hints of Stephen Stills and Dan Fogelberg. It’s a voice that cuts like a knife through the rich folk-rock textures of acoustic guitars, twin electric guitar leads, vocal choirs, tapestry drums and sparkling mandolins. People think nobody’s making music this meaningful anymore. They’re wrong; Batdorf is. This is great. –”

“One Last Wish The promise made back in 1972 with the first Batdorf & Rodney album has been fulfilled time and again by John - and this, his newest release, almost 40 years on is one more reason to have remained a fan all this time. His way of wielding words with sublime melody is a talent others only wish they had. Once more with feeling - and a lot of it.”

"One Last Wish" as a whole, is John's most consistent album start to finish. While there have been no "bad" or "throwaway" songs on John's previous CDs, there have always been a song or two or three per album that have stood out greatly as the cream of the album. And as considerable as John's talents are as a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, one of his greatest skills has become his mastery of the recording process. The production on this CD is note perfect, down to the last handclap and tambourine shake. This incredible collection of humble pop songs has fully risen to and even exceeded my admittedly high expectations, has made me fondly remember my younger days and has me upbeat and optimistic about the future! That's a lot to get from a dozen songs, a sure sign of Important music and a sure sign that, as John sings in "Life Is Good", "Today life got a little better"! PETER KRANTZ' INDEPENDENT MUSIC REVIEWS

“ Most musical professionals seem to come to terms with their careers and creativity around the early fifties, ending with some sort of final "Best Of..." compilation. Not John Batdorf! At 59, and a defiant refusal to except this, Batdorf has proven, once again, that when it comes to age and music, it can be ever as exhilarating and wonderful as an aged glass of fine wine and some complimentary French pastry. Age beckons beauty in this case, without question. With the release of his newest CD, One Last Wish, retirement seems to be a distant afterthought for this talented musician, who has already encapsulated over 4-decades of a vast compendium of musical songwriting and melodic tunes.”

Mike Hays - Amazon Review

“John Batdorf is known for his distinctive, truthful lyrics and vocal style. He is no stranger to looking inside his very heart and soul. "One Last Wish" has exceeded all expectations. Fasten your seat belts because this man will run the gauntlet with his heartfelt and honest song writing skills. He holds us in his palm from the first track to the last. The transitions from track to track is smooth and unobtrusive. He is unequaled in his ability to connect to each listener, time stamping this era perfectly. John Batdorf brings it to the table with "One Last Wish", making this album the one you will wear out and replace again and again. Fantastic! The thing about John Batdorf's work, is that he is a perfectionist and when he releases an album, the entire play list is high quality and heart felt. If you have not heard this master of song, grab this album today. I promise you, you will be hooked for life. ”

“ The latest project by Batdorf is by far his best work to date, proving success, does not necessarily create a lack in effort or lack of willingness to cultivate quality. John’s melodies, lyric writing, vocal range and catchy heart-felt hooks have truly reached a new level. The new release includes 12 tracks, five co-written by Batorf’s long-time collaborator, Michael McLean. From the opening track, Don’t Give Up On Dreams, incorporating mandolin (as in several other tracks on the record), to the string-accompanied arrangements in Forgotten, to the rocking title track, One Last Wish, this project has both a contemporary and roots feel, keeping the progressions interesting, while breaking up the tempos to keep the project flowing smoothly. Hats off to this great project, One Last Wish, that truly is a pleasure to listen to and will certainly bring added respect to the brilliant songwriter John Batdorf is. Tom Tranchilla Host: Songwriter’s Studio, KPFT 90.1, Houston, TX”

“With "One Last Wish," John Batdorf ... once again succeeds in sharing his life with us through this moving series of songs. At times confessional, other times full of love and joy, John straddles the emotions we all feel as life continues to move forward, throwing us home run balls and nasty curves alike. Among the highlights of this generally strong set are Don't Give Up on Dreams, Real Life, Can You Hear Me and One Last Wish. A couple of notable things: this CD is really much more "acoustic" then some of his more recent recordings. While there are some rockin' tunes on his previous works, this CD is more laid back and pensive. Having said that, this may his best-produced record ever. The music and instrumentation are pristine, harmonies lush, and his voice clear and strong. Lyrics are deeply personal and reflective...as you catch up with John, through his health challenges and family celebrations & concerns, one can understand how this may be his most personal work in a long career.”

“Old Man Dreamin' is an incredibly vibrant set of songs based in honest thought, word- and song craft and some of the prettiest melodies you're likely to find in Folk or Pop music.”

“Enough horseshit that people over fifty can’t write and perform vital material, that the audience should just retire. People are hungry for fulfilling new music. And John Batdorf has delivered it.”

“John Batdorf is a master storyteller and this album is a treasure trove of genuineness and truth. The beauty and purity of the vocals are breathtaking and mesmerizing. I highly recommend this album to anyone who loves music. I give Old Man Dreaming five stars. ”

“John Batdorf’s music provides a glimpse into the past, a haven for those who lived there complete with new and improved melodies, which soothe the soul. ”

“I may have a softer, warmer heart because of history, but that only adds to..it does NOT define the beauty that is the music John is giving us today!!”

Donna Baker - NA

“Expressive lyrics, acoustic guitar, and a catchy bass line fuels the fire on “Ain’t No Way” with its country tonality and moving beat. Fans of the group Eagles will want to tune in to “Old Man Dreamin’” by John Batdorf, as it is fused with well-written gems of folk/country style.”

“With all the fervor of a new artist making his first album, John Batdorf attacks the tracks on his new "Old Man Dreamin'" and succeeds. Fans can rejoice in the fact that John has made his best album ever in "Old Man Dreamin'." ”

"If you listened to todays' show with guest John Batdorf.... He sounded awesome, his voice has not changed and his guitar playing is second to none. He was also very gracious and extremely down to earth. It was definitely the highlight of my 9 years at KSBR FM."

“Batdorf played this one number, "Let Me Go". John waxed rhapsodic about Stephen Stills’ guitar-playing abilities, he was influenced by him. It was AMAZING to see John work out. And his VOICE! He hit every note, it was so sweet, I was TRANSPORTED! And I was only TEN FEET AWAY!”

“...Batdorf is running with the heart of a kid and adds wisdom to the old songs while adding wonder to the new. A singer/songwriter with more on the ball than a lot of today’s crop, this set is a welcome return home again. Whether an old or new fan, [Home Again is] ... well worth checking out.”

“...Anyone who appreciates good music must appreciate John Batdorf. His energy driven vocals singing heartfelt lyrics, accompanied by perfect harmonic melodies are not to be forgotten. John leaves a long lasting impression the very second his acoustic guitar is in his hands.”

“John is a seasoned singer/songwriter who has written and continues to write music that stays fresh with no expiration.”