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john Arthur martinez / Press

““john Arthur martinez is one of the great Texas singer-songwriters. Having seen him perform as a solo artist and with his band, it’s evident that this guy is the real thing.””

Ray Benson (Asleep At The Wheel)

““Soft rain on a tin roof on a lazy Sunday morning ... a gentle breeze through the trees ... That’s the sense of pleasant calm one experiences as john Arthur martinez’s pure, melodic voice expertly delivers some of the finest songwriting examples available on the Americana music scene in his latest project, PURGATORY ROAD. Texas Rebel Radio has enjoyed jAm’s incredible projects for years. He was my first on-air interview nearly 14 years ago. And, it is a distinct honor to support this incredible effort. john Arthur, my friend, you have truly outdone yourself with this graceful music creation. Thank you for allowing us all to listen in!””

Dawn Dale (PD) - Texas Rebel Radio Network

““This should easily make the top album list for 2009 for every Americana radio programmer. Fantastic, diverse and just amazing.””

Shayne Hollinger - Mandatory FM

““Kent Finlay and the Cheatham Street Warehouse are world-famous for incubating and nurturing fledgling songwriters. john Arthur martinez is a graduate of both Texas State and Kent Finlay’s ‘school’ of songwriting. Martinez is a Texas poet who writes gorgeous lyrics. His voice, which is not always the case with songwriters, matches almost flawlessly with his music. His long-awaited CD, PURGATORY ROAD, is finally out.””

Today In San Marcos

““Like his college roommate Todd Snider, john Arthur martinez tends toward the folky side of country-flavored story-songs. PURGATORY ROAD finds an even keel with the rough highway tales of self-incrimination and loss (‘Can’t Outdrink the Truth,’ ‘Utopia’) that are thoughtful without wallowing in hopelessness and despair (‘Cobalt Blue,’ ‘Thunder & Lightning’). ‘Que No Puede Ver’ puts him square in the Americano camp, too.””

The Austin Chronicle

““[PURGATORY ROAD’s] title tune is a bluesy, downbeat look at these rough economic times. It swirls with drama that climaxes in murder. Gripping, to say the least. The production textures are superb throughout the set, from the Latin groove of ‘Que No Puede Ver’ to the rolling country-rock of ‘On the Run’ and the rumbling, accusatory ‘You Can’t Outdrink the Truth.’ Hearty recommendation.””

Robert K. Oermann - Music Row Magazine

““Nashville Star’s first-season runner-up john Arthur martinez (the eccentric capitalization scheme is a nod to poetry hero e.e. cummings) didn’t immediately parlay his TV notoriety into mainstream success, but he has spent the ensuing six years building both a solid catalog and a loyal following centered in his native Texas. PURGATORY ROAD finds john sounding a little moodier than usual, as signaled by the keening steel guitar that kicks off opening cut ‘Utopia.’ Hopefully this will be the moment that the national audience john briefly held six years ago comes back around to a remarkably consistent talent.””

Country Weekly

““Sure, [john Arthur martinez] is considered a country musician, but PURGATORY ROAD is more a collection of short stories than an album … Close attention to the lyrics yields thoughtful tales of loss and hope, like the title track and album highlight, ‘Closer to My Dreams’.””

Austin Monthly

““Cowboy imagery is prevalent on [PURGATORY ROAD]: horses, being ‘on the run,’ Colorado eagles, sleepy border towns, et cetera. Such imagery is hardly new, but between Martinez’s skillful use of the language and the relative lack of cowboy themes in modern music, it feels fresh and intriguing. Minor chords, lonesome fiddles and loud electric guitars are prevalent, maintaining a deep, dark, dusky tone on even the up-tempo songs. All of the songs rely on sharp, detailed lyrics, not once forcing the messages or relying on a trite line for the sake of catchiness. … [He’s] made one impressive piece of work.””


““john Arthur martinez is one of those singer songwriters from the hill country that keeps making music in the old tradition of Hank Williams and assorted acts. Surely the sound has evolved but in heart the style and craftsmanship is the same. Lyrics and melody melt together into a complex and unique symbiosis that is called good music. Purgatory road will hit the shelves one of the next days but even weeks before the release the buzz was already big.””

Mr. Blue Boogie - BillyBop.com

““PURGATORY ROAD [is] a dark, well-written and -performed 11-song CD with a bit of sunlight, filled with personal-sounding stories and good music. Martinez has a nice, expressive voice with pretty good range that adds a level of drama ... The CD’s best songs … might be ... ‘Utopia,’ the story of a man's battles with adversity, or ‘Thunder & Lightning’ that doesn't bring the rain that would wash the sadness from his eyes, or the sad love song ‘Que No Puede Ver’ that manages to avoid most of the Latin clichés. …””


““It’s so refreshing to meet an artist who plays every appearance with the enthusiasm and passion of his first gig! Musically john Arthur’s got the goods, a smile that lights up the room and the infectious personality to deliver the complete package. He’s certainly an in-studio guest favorite of ours on WSM’s, Coffee, Country & Cody!””

Bill Cody - WSM Radio

““If you live for lyrics, and music from the heart, if you live for the way live music should be, perfect pitch, harmonies -- and fun -- jAm is a must. The more you hear him, the more you want to see him.””

H.H. Leonards Spero (Founder) - The Mansion on O Street

"A shot of Marty Robbins and a full pitcher of Texas goodness! john Arthur martinez knocked us out at the WDVX Blue Plate Special!"

Tony Lawson - WDVX Knoxville TN

“Purgatory Road, from Marble Falls TX resident john Arthur martinez is a well rounded record that displays a range of sounds that fit rather easily into the realm of Country music. The album opens with 3 tunes that share an almost foreboding darkness to them. Tales of regret and pain intertwine with smoky electric guitars and excellent fiddle playing give the tracks an edge that is sorely lacking in most of Top 40 happy country. “Utopia” the title track and “Cant Outdrink The Truth” would be more at home in a dark dangerous roadhouse bar than they would a small town honky tonk. Martinez effortlessly changes gears from the heavier sound to a lighter tone. The rest of the album features songs that provide a nod to his heritage “Que No Pueda Ver” as well as hints of pre-arena filling Garth. Dobro fidlde steel and mandolin are strong presences that keep this record from easily being lumped into an overly generic rock dominated Texas/Red Dirt pile. Purgatory Road is just good, so”

“John Arthur Martinez was a last minute show-up, but eager nonetheless as he came to Lampasas Radio’s weekly Texas Music show last night at the AmVets club. jAm arrived back in Texas about midnight Wednesday morning from a tour that ran through the northeast and finished in D.C., but it was hardly noticeable other than a couple of off-stage yawns. He put on his usual great performance and few could argue that he is probably the most capable single-guy-on-a-stool-with-a-guitar in the business. This excellent player always does flawless vocals and his banter and connection with the audience is to be envied by most musicians. Not that he doesn’t have a great band puts on a super full show…but it’s not all of them that can hold an audience when they’re doing a one-man show, he can!”

KCYL Radio - KCYL Radio

“Austin, TX — John Arthur Martinez, whose country sound and quiet charisma charm audiences, will attend the CMA Fest and Fan Fair in Nashville starting Thursday, signing autographs for his jAmFans and friends and showcasing fan favorites and cuts from his upcoming album, PURGATORY ROAD (August 2009). During the week, Martinez will join first-season “Nashville Star” co-participant Buddy Jewell at his fan club party and the Indie Outlaw Showcase and add his voice to the 6th Annual Stars for Hope: A Benefit for the Lupus Foundation of America at BB King’s Blues Club. Martinez is scheduled to make”

Jill McGuckin - Apache Ranch Reocrds Press Release

“john Arthur martinez’s "Utopia" wins at the Texas Music Awards Marshall, TX - May 17, 2010 - This past Saturday, john Arthur martinez's debut single from the CD Purgatory Road, "Utopia," won Record of the Year at the Texas Music Awards show in Marshall, Texas. Apache Ranch Records congratulates writers Johnny 'Gringo" Greenberg & Bill Murray, producer Lew Curatolo and of course john Arthur martinez for the 2010 Record of the Year. Since its release in September, john Arthur's album "Purgatory Road" continues to receive outstanding reviews and recognition. We wish all of them, Johnny, Bill, Lew and john Arthur continued success.”

Apache Ranch Records - Apache Ranch Records Press Release