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Joey B. Banks / Press

“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - March 4, 2013 WISCONSIN AREA MUSIC INDUSTRY ANNOUNCES NOMINEES FOR THE 33RD ANNUAL AWARDS SHOW R&B/Soul: Al White, Charles Walker Band, Hypnopotamus, Streetlife, The Blue Olives, Tweed Funk, Weapons of Mass Defunktion ”

“CD Review: Bobby Messano: That's Why I Don't Sing the Blues Bobby Messano is not from Atlanta, but he could be. He has that sound:) I am writing this review here because I told you all about his appearance at The Local in Marietta a few months ago, and so many of you missed it. I want you to know that you should do two things: (1) Buy this CD right now, and (2) Next time Bobby Messano comes anywhere near Atlanta, don't miss him this time! As for "That's Why I Don't Sing the Blues," I am not going to try to be objective or even-handed or any of that. This is, quite simply, the best blues-rock CD I've heard this year, and can stand up well with any CD of the genre I've ever heard, including the Allman Brothers, Derek Trucks, or any of the other Southern blues-rock greats.Not bad for a guy from Wisconsin! ”

“Recorded at 2009 Bamfest in Madison, Wisconsin, Messano is in fiery form. Backed by long standing bassist Steve Geller and drummer Joey B. Banks, Messano tears through a set of highly charged material of original tunes and classic textbook standards. "CrossRoads Blues" begins in quirky two step fashion. Stopping on a dime, the song reverts back to Fillmore East era Cream fed a dose of steroids. Bobby's own "Holdin Ground" features white-hot fretwork which makes him the darling of the club and festival circuit. It's strange Messano isn't a big name in the blues rock world. His chops are hot but he still remains off the radar. Oh well. The pros and cons of the industry.”

“BOBBY MESSANO LIVE IN MADISON Prince Frog Records “Both “Holdin’ Ground” and “In The Depths Of Love” are slow blues songs that contain scorching lead guitar work and passionate vocals throughout. “The way things Used To Be” is an energetic shuffle, and the set’s closer, “Get Up & Dance With the Blues,” is a funky and rhythmic blues number. While the covers reveal a respect and adoration for classic music from a veteran performer’s perspective, the originals are potent and adept, in a manner that’s unique to Messano. -Brian D. Holland”

"Local band Weapons Of Mass DeFunktion certainly has the "mass" part down, usually incorporating at least seven members who flesh out its sound with guitar, keys, turntable, horns, and extra percussion. Once in a while, a singer joins the group's danceable funk jam-outs."


"How do we defeat terrorism? By setting off the dance bombs that Weapons of Mass DeFunktion mixes up with frenetic jazz, wah-wah funk, hip-hop and reggae. Everyone will be too busy dancing to care about world domination or the takedown of Western decadence."

Katjusa Cisar - 77 Square

"Weapons of Mass DeFunktion drops funky bombs of improv-based jazz. "

The Capital Times

“BOBBY MESSANO "LIVE IN MADISON" Prince Frog Records "When first eyeing the set list, one might think that Messano relies too heavily on covers, but the five originals within the eleven song set are praiseworthy enough on their own. It’s where his real blues work shines, too. After hearing them, it becomes apparent that the covers are a tribute to the musicians who have influenced him over the years, songs from the past that he just loves to play alongside the originals. While the covers reveal a respect and adoration for classic music from a veteran performer’s perspective, the originals are potent and adept, in a manner that’s unique to Messano. -Brian D. Holland,Blues Review Magazine ”

"Singer/bassist Adam Isaac, a tall, effusive Wisconsin native with an unquenchable jones for the Prince songbook. He's got a knack for penning urgent pop-funk grooves that often rise above the usual dance-floor fodder".