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Joe Carlson / Press

“An overall rating of 3.33 stars means this release is above average and stands out compared to most of the music we hear. A few areas could be stronger, but this is definitely a good release and you should be proud. You’re on the cusp of greatness and we think that with some hard work, you’ll get even better. Based on this rating, we anticipate being able to provide you with a variety of exciting opportunities.”

Hello Music - Hello Music Album Critique, "Living Sideways"

“-Nice lyrical imagery -beautiful string arrangement in the 2nd verse onwards, nice touch! -Nice touch in lyrics of "When magic does happen, it ain't too hard to tell, When our lives, they are livin' in the moment". -Good vocals, suits the song -Good music production -potential finalist Rating: 8.5/10 ”

IAMA - IAMA Song Critique- Living in the Moment

"I love Joe's art. His lyrics are evocative, his melodies are infectious, and his sense of rhythm is hypnotic. His recent CD has been in heavy rotation at my house"

"Overall, the performance is stellar, the production is fun and creative, and the melodies are fabulous."

"Ever since Joes' song "Cannonball" spun my head around many years ago, I've been stunned by his songs and spirit"

Ken Gaines - Promoter, the legendary "Anderson Fair " Music Hall, TX, and supurb songwriter

"Great songwriting with super solid singing and playing that is both style and cool"

Keller Williams - NPR Syndicated "Kellers Celler", and nationally known recording artist

"I've been a promoter for 15 years, and this is fresh and wonderful-it just sounds so lush...it hasn't left my cd player since I put it in"

Kim Stills - Saturday Stage, Portland, OR