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JMOYA / Press


"PreludiuM" soars with that arrangement, wicked, cool guitar, what a great way to JAM!

“A FATHER'S LETTER... Its beautiful. Its heartfelt. Lyrically poetic.”

“Bed of rains - cool, smooth, classic sounding tune”

“Wonderfully arranged compositions, the video for 'Don't Believe' is a must see..”

"It's A Shame" has a universal theme that has no boundaries. It is poetic and melodic with an important message about social change. It is one of the finest pieces of work I have heard in years

“Feeelings!! This is what you call Powerful Music!! Love the piano with that guitar and then the vocals come in and really make this beyond CAPTIVATING!!!!”

"Silentium" today....beautiful....so warm and relaxing

“Really enjoying the range and eclectic style of your productions..great skillz behind the mixing desk and very cleverly arranged..my favourite is the melancholic melodies of "end of the road"..the rhymes are superb”

“...GOOD VIBES....should be the headline here”

“cuba Central ufffff muy buen viaje!! excelente trabajo amigo, siguenos llenando de musica!”

“Each & every track is utterly unique and engaging. "The Hunter" is my favorite. A dynamic, compelling, rich weave of rhythm, melody, and sounds that takes the listener on a wild ride.”

“Your music and "Anonymous Brainwash" is nothing short of brilliant - Love the first video ! BELIEVE our earthly condition ? Oh Yes !!! ”

“Stunning work and diversity. Always quality and emotional intensity. Integrity. 'ESSAM BOMBA' and 'Feelings' ... WOW!”

“COSMIC WALKER...You are right! The feeling in this... we can really feel the COSMIC”

“I'm loving the hypnotic Somewhere! Vocals are haunting, killer guitar work, lyrics are spellbinding!”

“wonderful melodies, terrific lyrics and vocals and superb playing and production”

“Mulligan is travelling down some uber cool sonic pathways. A real trip indeed.”

“Cant get over Binary Love, listened to it like 3 times in a row”

"PreludiuM " is absolutely terrific - inspired, engrossing and beautiful...

“Fantastic Musical Journey here in *Viajero* Love Your Blend of Instrument work!!!”

“Schwimmen mit den Fischen in ICH WEISS - Atemberaubende Rock-Ballade”

“Brilliant, original, sensitive and thought provoking tracks... "It's a shame" is sensational.”

“I WILL My favorite... finest grooves and composing”

“Slip away...just relaxing with your fantastic music.”

“Great groove and layering of sounds in "Fusion.”

"Aurora" - Brilliant work

“had a listen to " Cisne negro.... " and really enjoyed the song, fine arrangement, melody, voice,orchestration with nice guitar work and terrific style”

"A Father's Letter" is such a sweet and wonderful song

“Feelings soars and The Hunter is a journey”

“You have amazing music, SILENTIUM is a great track”


"Somewhere" is a masterpiece, hermano, Love the epic electryfying songs like an avalanche

“Mulligan remix buenisimo. Muy buen trabajo.”

“Un saludo mientras oigo The Hunter y casi se puede decir mientras VEO los cazadores, Maestro”

“Getting some "GOOD VIBES" in my day, sounds fantastic”

“I especially loved "Give U". That song is special”

“ESSAM BOMBA is just brilliant! Lots of great surprises in this song! A real show-stopper!”

“Me ha gustado mucho la mezcla que haces con influencias de Santana, Hip Hop, algo de Tecno, Chill Out... muy variado. Especialmente me gustó The Hunter, Mulligan Remix y los temas de hip hop, interesante combinación!”

“Silent Knight II" - great music, perfect soundtrack for a new movie blockbuster”

“I can only describe this as a journey full of suprises, really exciting, original, unique”

"cuba central" is awesome, bro... like a modern "cortez the killer"... great vocals... great melody... sweet guitar licks.

“Strongly advice to watch this video, the message is loud, the music involved, can not be indifferent! This artist has something important to tell you.....listen it!!!!”

“Yo soy un enamorao del flamenco pero me quedo a disfrutar de tu arte un abrazo”

“Acabo de oír tu tema Anonymous Brainwash. Relajante por un lado e inquietante con los paneos”

“Radiant beams of intelligent light piercing me from this page! I love it! Anonymous Brainwash haunts me thru & thru! You & Monty sound great together”

“'It's a shame' had to listen to it 2 times to get the true gist of the song which is so Very True!!!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed listening to "Feelings". I think the name of the track speaks for itself. Brilliant stuff!!! ”