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Jesus's Penises / Press

“What can you say about a band that has their lead singer dressed like the Pope, their guitar player dressed like a Priest, their bass player dressed like a Deacon, and their drummer dressed like a Nun and they sing heavy punk based sometimes hardcore driven music about religion. If you are offended by religious humor you have to remember this is just parody, if you take it too seriously then you are missing the point. Now there is something to say about a band that has absolutely no fear when it comes to performance (or should I say shame) with there very raunchy rants on stage, and the craziest chicken nugget Communion ever (yes I did just say that) this is something to see, then go ask for forgiveness afterwards (Did I mention there is a priest at every show). Everybody seems to have an extreme opinion about them, actually while some people might think that is not a good thing to be very liked and very hated, believe me that is a better place to be than a band that gets praised all”