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Jerry's Bones / Press

“Jerry’s Bones is an impressive, four-piece jam band with a soulful and groovy style. The group was founded by Cameron and Kendra Matthews in 2008. This amazingly talented husband-and-wife duo are musically accompanied by Edward Williams on drums and by Elliott Noto on bass guitar. The group continues to take Charlotte’s music scene by storm with numerous local appearances and an anticipated debut album release, which includes increased interest from various music labels. Considering this group’s impressive work ethic and its spot-on, “funk-groove” style, there’s a strong feeling among Charlotte’s music scene that suggests Jerry’s Bones’ Grammy worthiness is bound to land the group on North Carolina’s—once again—map of proven, musical fame.”

“Still a soulful and groovy band but, now, a three-piece, threw down a “Jam-it-out” performance at their Friday Night Bathtub Gin appearance. In doing so, they managed to pack the house, which led several at Friday's event to the dance floor. They also displayed their versatile ability to switch-up, as Cameron and Kendra Matthews shared lead, rhythm and bass guitar duties, while maintaining the same level of pleasurable, musical endurance that one would expect from this amazing group. As for Edward Williams, he displayed, yet, another one of his earth-pounding drum solos for the crowd; and, impressively, this amazingly-talented musician managed to further display his depth and versatility by jumping on bass guitar for their cover song: “People Get Ready.” This performance, which was followed by a return appearance to The Blues Room on Saturday Night, appears to be just the beginning of an exciting summer filled with local and Southeastern appearances for the group!”

“Jerry’s Bones promised a “Jam-it out” performance at Mooresville’s Bathtub Gin. Well, they delivered—and some—as this jam-packed, standing-room-only event led The Tub’s crowd to the dance floor and by crowd-request, Jerry’s Bones shut down The Tub that evening with not one—but a two song encore which left an evident and everlasting musical impression and perhaps a bar-raising effect on Charlotte’s local music scene. So, aside from Edward Williams’ earth-pounding drum solos, combined with the cool-sounding, guitar-licks and vocal chops amongst the rest of this group, what makes Jerry’s Bones so venue-desirable, anyway? Evidently, those who’ve been fortunate enough to book or attend one of Jerry’s Bones’ events seem to recognize their continuous gig-by-gig improvement, combined with the unique twist on their spot-on “Funk-Groove,” consistently delivered style. Unsurprisingly, many who were at Friday’s Bathtub Gin gig took notice per the “buzz””

"The evident vibe and musical fulfillment amongst D’Laney’s-frequenters and Jerry’s Bones-followers proved to be—yet—another success for Jerry's Bones. The apparent success from this appearance, combined with D-Laney’s great reputation, promises to pave a rather prosperous path for Jerry’s Bones, as they continue on their progressive quest to book additional gigs and gain favorable positioning—amongst many—in Charlotte’s ever-so-competitive, local music scene. Although influenced by many great, classic acts, including Phish, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Fleetwood Mac, this dynamic foursome from Claremont, NC, continues to develop original pieces, including their locally acclaimed “Home for The Sheep.” Considering the combination of the group’s realized success, talent, and musical motivation, there’s no limit as to where Jerry’s Bones will end up on their progressive quest. In any event, there will be plenty to look forward to in 2013, as Jerry’s Bone’s makes t

Douglas Ebert - Charlotte Music Examiner