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Jennifer Vazquez / Press

“- Getting Out Of My Own Way- ... a Story about New Beginnings and Rediscoveries... this as a 'Victory' song.”

“-Getting Out Of My Own Way - Another gem from one of my favorite singer/songwriters.”

“- Getting Out Of My Own Way - A very warm and energetic work of art.  The message is delivered with vocals shifting from a compassionate smoothness, to forceful crescendos.  The arrangement is bright, full of life, and carries one along this journey with prevailing rhythmatic, and harmonic progressions.”

“- Getting Out Of My Own Way - ... it describe what we all go through at one time or another. That's why Jennifer connects with her fans in such a raw, real way."”

“Jennifer is one of the most honest and talented songwriters still fighting the good fight.”

“- Getting Out Of My Own Way - ...it has an infectious hook that lives on long after the song is over! Great vocals with a powerful message...”

“- Getting Out Of My Own Way - ... this song hits the mark with the major/minor melody shift. Overall, it's a sentiment that a lot of people can connect to in their own lives as they try to deal with their own adversity in the journey.”

“- Getting Out Of My Own Way - The subject matter of the song particularly hits home for me, and I am super proud to listen to this and know we are all not alone in this journey!”

"Jennifer Vazquez is such an up and coming talent. Her combination of lyrics and story really resinate. Her sultry strong voice and style will take you back to when artists weren't about auto-tuning but the celebration of the unique voice of the artist. Watch out for Jennifer Vazquez!"

“- Getting Out Of My Own Way - Jennifer Vazquez sings a song about moving ahead and self-affirmation, with a strong voice and confident sound.”

"Punchy, crunchy and affirmative: Jennifer Vazquez's latest single 'Getting Out Of My Own Way' resonates with hard won truths and positive self-empowerment."

"'Getting Out Of My Own Way' is just one of many of her songs that allow you to feel those emotions in an intense way while still dancing around. A truly amazing song from an amazing artist."

“Jennifer Vazquez is what we call in the studio world a gift…a rare gift. Jen's songs are original and engaging. Her voice is expressive and conversational with never a need for tuning! …her music is destined to be heard in every form of media.”

"Jennifer is a consummate artist -- skillful and seasoned. Not only is she musically talented, but she also pays attention to detail in managing her business. Jennifer is the real deal -- with staying power and dedication to her work."

"Jennifer's music reflects the way she approaches life, with diligence, high standards, a positive attitude and love. She can be counted on to deliver those attributes wherever she performs."

“Jennifer Vazquez is a pop diva in the making who presents rock-tinged pop that is radio ready now.”

“…truly a diamond in the L.A. sand.”

“…the earnest lyrics and warm melodies that characterize her songwriting could impress Nashville publishers.”

“There is something about this woman that makes you like her, not just as a singer, but as a person. She has the charisma that makes a star.”

“Bend" and “Nothing Without You” both feature snappy rhythms and showcases Jennifer’s wide vocal range and emotion….she is a dynamic vocalist and her band is first rate.”