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Jennifer Leonhardt / Press

“A master class in mournful music.”

“Leonhardt delivers the kind of set the cognoscenti will refer to in hushed tones.”

“A down-home cabin feel similar to the likes of Bon Iver and co; Leonhardt's strength with words and slowly beguiling melodies work their magic.”

“A ghost room romp with dashes of dirge and echoes of the Breeders.”

“Poetic, forthright, redemptive songs.”

“A major new talent... a gale force to be reckoned with. ”

“A Paste Recommends Indie Album”

“Leonhardt knocked our socks off.”

“As raw and genuine as you're going to find.”

“Top 20 Americana Songs of 2008 (Homeland)”

“My favorite singer-songwriter out of Austin.”

“Leonhardt's voice is a striking and soulful instrument. An album of driving folk/blues, it's contemporary, relevant and, most importantly, compelling.”

"Jennifer Lion-hearted sings big songs. They sneak in and swallow me up."

“Why this girl is not one of the top acts in the country is beyond me--her singing is like throwing a lit cigarette out a car window, she's an absolute runaway wildfire.”

Don Wolff, talent buyer, Denver Colo - none

“Jennifer Leonhardt leads the Whalers with a delivery touching on everyone from Chrissie Hynde to Edie Brickell.”

“Great songs, great singer, great soul. I spin the record often.”

“A music phenomenon whose star is rising. ”

Aeliot Boswell-Havington - KPAS-TV, Los Angeles

"An unique up-and-coming artist out of Austin."

“Jennifer sings very free and spirited, reflective of time spent with old jazzmen and young dreamers.”

"Gods & Nations is packed with the genius I've come to expect in her work."

Doug Reed, composer, NYC - none