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Jen Friend / Press

“when Jennifer Friend took to the stage to sing, the audience would not let her leave. She delivered sweat-soaked fiery blues vocals on several songs, and no doubt earned many new fans. One person even called her "the new Janis Joplin." ”

“I think you were actually channeling Janis Joplin..at the pond..i almost peed my pants because i didnt want to miss a second. You were FANTASTIC!”

Donna Hensel - Hensel

“I Heard her songs , but I wanted to see if she really could sing...Well, I was surprised. My favorite was the soulful song Heartbreak. I cant compare or describe her voice- its like nobodys out there.”

“...talent like hers doesnt go unnoticed for very long. Jennifer's voice is spot on and her lyrics are simply amazing!”