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Jefferson Colby / Press

“5.) Animisms, Jefferson Colby: Talk about prolific. Jefferson Colby has pumped out seven albums –– bona fide albums –– in seven consecutive years. All of the previous albums had their moments of greatness but never flowed. This time is different. From start to finish Animisms rocks balls. The massive, propulsive, syrupy rifferama, stomping rhythms, and familiar melodies call to mind The Toadies and Queens of the Stone Age. JC hasn’t received a lot of press or buzz over the years. I doubt Animisms is going to reverse the tide of critical indifference, but music lovers need to start paying attention to this band. Now.”

Anthony Mariani - Fort Worth Weekly

“Psychedelia, blues, and rock coalesce in Jefferson Colby’s sixth album in as many years, Dinosaurs & Fireworks, achieving an odd but delightful hybrid of classic rock and grunge.”


““Rorschach,” one of the best tracks off Dinosaurs, is pretty emblematic of the trio’s dynamic, straight-ahead signature rock sound, alternating between funkified Chili Peppers stomp and a trippy, Beatles-esque, wordless vocal refrain in three parts floating above a pulsing, bright, jangly riff. Not every Dinosaurs song is as tautly structured. Most of them are knotty, full of twists and turns, but are never anything less than totally listenable, completely suitable for terrestrial airplay.”

Fort Worth Weekly

“Jefferson Colby, a trio that shares drummer Matt Mabe with Stella, is as prolific as exploratory, pumping out albums as quickly as one of frontman Danno Mabe’s fiery, wah-wah-fueled guitar licks”


“Painting with bold colors (the eye-popping album cover is part of a much larger artwork), Danny Mabe calls this effort "a new beginning." It's certainly a thrilling display of musical muscle; just try and listen to the opening one-two punch of Einstein and Roller Coaster Mobile Saloon and not feel an urge to smash beer bottles”

Fort Worth Star Telegram

“Jefferson Colby, Dinosaurs & Fireworks: After a rapid-fire 2010, which saw the release of no fewer than three full-length JC albums, this Fort Worth trio has eased off the throttle this year. Don't expect this LP, the band's sixth overall, to be any less intense, though: Danny and Matt Mabe, along with new bassist Anthony Sosa, deliver full-bore rock designed to splinter skulls.”

Fort Worth Star Telegram

““We approach recording like a gig,” Matt said, noting that he and his bandmates will often outfit studios with stage lights to enhance the live-setting feel. And Matt never plays in a booth but always in the main room with the rest of the band. That raw, vintage vibe is catnip to Danno. “It’s like 1967 in my mind,” he said. “That’s how we treat everything. All the methods from then are superior to now.””

Fort Worth Weekly

“Dinosaurs & Fireworks is a blistering array of powerful, colorful rock ’n’ roll songs that edge toward the grunge period of the classic-rock canon. But no sooner did the 12-track album come out than JC began work on album No. 7”

Anthony Mariani - Fort Worth Weekly

“There are a few bands in the Fort practicing unadulterated rock ’n’ roll (The Hanna Barbarians, Doom Ghost, The Apache 5), and one of the longest-running and best-respected is easily the most prolific, Jefferson Colby.”

Fort Worth Weekly

“This album is huge. It’s got huge sound, it’s fast, it’s well written, out going and it’s spunky. The guitars are excellent, lots of catchy riffs. They lyrics can be just as catchy. The pace is up and down. It’s starts out pretty fast and furious then slows down a bit”

The Soda Shop

“Jefferson Colby has toured across the country, and released 6 albums since 2007, and they are putting the finishing touches on Animisms, their latest project. "It's going to be happier, darker and [have] more sex," Danno told me.”


“Jefferson Colby is a band on the brink in a parallel universe where the earth-shattering musical moment of the '90s came not from Seattleans but from bands like Kyuss: a blend of raw thunder and classic rock.”

“The whirlwind hasn't slowed in the last four years. In one day of recording in 2008, the band laid down the basic elements of the 17 songs that would eventually become two CDs: My Cosmic Self (an EP that came out last year), and Octopus, an album that will be officially released in February.”

“Inspired by lucid dreams and transcendentalism, Danny's lyrics can often be as trippy as the music. He describes his song titles and lyrics as "colorful" but promises, "It all means something." He matches his lyrics' Technicolor grandeur by employing a wide range of effects pedals on his guitar.”

“The band has a strong local presence, as illustrated by three consecutive years of nominations in the annual Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards. But the musicians agree that Jefferson Colby is not limiting the reach of its music to the Lone Star state.”

“The sound is undeniably superb and frequently, delightfully schizophrenic. Octopus songs such as "Autonomous Minor," "Marsupials," and "Burning Paper Dolls" tend to space out at times via heady guitar effects and long instrumental reveries.”

“Jefferson Colby’s high walls of searing sound brings to mind some of the best backing that Big Brother and the Holding Company ever gave to Janis, with psychedelic, spiraling guitar riffage and rhythmically taut but emotionally chaotic drum solos.”

“Jefferson Colby — the trio of bassist Jeff Moore and the brothers Mabe (Danny and Matt) — started out a couple of years ago as a cool diversion but is now pretty freaking serious and deserves to be taken as such.”

“...following the well-received full-length debut Inadaze. Produced by Jeff Mount, Self is six tracks of sharp, slate-hard sound (highlights include Far Away People and The Unknown) with a hint of danger.”

Preston Jones - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

““Real” is an apt word to describe Jefferson Colby’s particular brand of no-nonsense, thunderous rock and, specifically, Inadaze."”

“The band's influences are myriad. You might hear everything from the Arctic Monkeys to Incubus in a particular song. But Jefferson Colby isn't out to imitate anyone.”