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Jeff & Vida / Press

“Contemporary Bluegrass at its finest!”

“The latest project from Jeff and Vida is a powerful one. ...There is enough variety on this recording to appeal to the lovers of solid traditional Bluegrass as well as contemporary sounds.”

“There's lot to like on this with this album-strong country lyrics, punchy rhythms, sicere conviction. It's a good formula for success!”

“Selma Chalk sounds as authentically rootsy and organic as seedlings planted by Jimmie Rodgers, nurtured by The Carter Family, and cultivated by Levon Helm.”

David Innes - R2 Rock N Reel(UK)

“Vida's compositions owe much to bluegrass tradition but have a bluesier, one might say even more world-wise edge. The music-making transcends virtuosity and supplements crack picking with an intensely exciting whirlwind, a heady display of creative musicianship that appears demonically possessed”

“Jeff & Vida continue to shape some of the most potent, bluegrass-influenced sounds around...'Selma Chalk' is another skilful, Roots-imbued missive from this long-serving duo who seem to have a knack for turning misfortune into artistic gold.”

“Jeff & Vida's 6th Jazz Fest appearance... It was a beautiful mix of pleasure and pause. And a welcome-and rare for Jazz Fest-taste of High Lonesome for those of us closet hillbillies in the crowd. No jazz, Plenty of Heritage.”

“In a city that values its rhinestones, they are managing to make music that is real and true, the thing itself as opposed to a parody of the thing. Theirs are the songs you long to hear late at night on the interstate, in pool halls and smoky whiskey bars.”

"For anyone who appreciates sawdust and chrome vocal harmonies, wicked-fast mandolin rave-ups and evocative, ‘50s-era rock and roll lyricism that’s as bittersweet as it is blithe,[Jeff & Vida] warrant my highest recommendation"

“I’m enchanted with Vida's southern delta vocals and the musicianship (WOW) and the lyrics!!!”

Buddy Michaels - WBAG/WKRX/WLCH radio

“The virtuoso playing isn’t standard - it’s dazzling.””

Janet Goodman - Music News nashville

“Don't pin this down as being just a bluegrass record - it's a happy-go-lucky celebration of all Americana can be.”

Andrew Williams - Americana UK

"Unclassifiable but terrific: New Orleans' Jeff & Vida Band, a bluegrass-influenced group with a bluesiness at its core and a powerful stage presence."

Steve Pick - No Depression

"Jeff and Vida return to country's working class roots...The real blue plate special comes with their harmonies. Call it old school country. More Austin than Nashville."

RL - Sing Out!

"... the duo proved just different enough to fit in. Their habit of performing with zero amplification was enough to get people's attention, but they held it with Vida's haunting voice, Jeff's hot picking and the wise-beyond-their years songwriting."

Brett Milano - Offbeat New Orleans Jazzfest Bible

"The duo has probably broken a lot of hearts in the Big Easy but no one's ever thought Chicago was anything but the big difficult. They've been staking out their turf at local venues and their bittersweet bite has a natural home."

Monica Kendrick - The Chicago Reader

"Jeff & Vida may as well have been spoon-fed grits in a Nashville manger. As true as just about any old-timey country and bluegrass you'll hear these days.

Bethea - Atlanta's Creative Loafing