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“J.D. Richards, Galveston-based Singer, Supports Operation Helmet Montgomery, Texas - June 21, 2006 - JD Richards is not only a prolific writer. He's also an energetic and giving part of the community, a dynamic performer and a songwriter with rare understanding of life and the ins and outs of relationships. The one thing that JD loves as much as writing and meeting new friends is living on his island, is showing his support of the troops serving around the world. JD is one of the driving forces behind the creation of the “Operation Helmet” CD project. His song “War Is Hell” will be the closing song on their CD to be sent to the those serving in our armed forces. He will be performing his music and talking about Operation Helmet from 2 pm till 4 pm on July 22nd at a CD signing at Hastings in Galveston, and again on July 31st on KPFT-FM in Houston from 3:30 pm till 4:00 pm. Semper Fi!”

“WEST GALVESTON ISLAND MUSICIAN: J.D. Richards [ Beach Sun - Galveston, Texas - May 2005 ] by Jenna Ware Finally! Somebody has translated the island for the rest of the world! Meet Galveston singer/songwriter, J.D. Richards, who by virtue of the more than 350 songs he’s written about the island and its inhabitants, might well be called the troubadour of Galveston Island. If you’re on the island for more than, say, an hour, you will meet the very people he writes about. J.D.’s new CD, Galveston Chronicles, (released May 13) is a wonderful compilation that celebrates island life from A to Z. The title of its lead song is, guess what? Galveston! "I got tired of hearing Glenn Campbell sing about a Galveston that didn't exist for me," J.D. said, "the Jimmie Webb song doesn't capture living on "island time," so I drove my car to the seawall and wrote this song with the gulf breeze in my face.”

“Picture it: The 60’s, Beaumont, remember? Garage band. OK, J.D. gets in love, gets married & a baby comes along with the song writin & the guitar playin. Baby good. Marriage bad. Gets divorce. Moves to Corpus Christi to search soul, decides gotta do the music, moves to Nashville, does well, writes freelance, fallsinlovegetsmarriedgetsdivorced, gets picked up as a stringer or whatever they call those guys that get a weekly paycheck. Sells songs. Hit artists like Kathy Mattea sing his songs. Dean Martin was to record his song, “You'll Make Someone Else A Hell of a Wife," but unfortunately for everybody involved, Dean died. Oh, & I almost forgot, J.D. once again fallsinlovegetsmarriedgetsdivorced. Writes more songs. Sells more songs. Oh, & … forget it, this is making me dizzy. Where are the babies? Oh, here they come. Falls in love. Gets married. Has babies! Writes songs. Sells songs. Loses feeling in left hand, cannot play guitar for eight and a half years.”

“J.D.'s songs are picture songs - story & image songs. Every time he puts fingers to guitar & mouth to microphone, J.D. takes you on a trip. You "travel" from pretty girls dancing to broken-hearted solitude, from living in a blue house on the beach to lovers silhouetted in moonlight on the beach. You meet heroic Marines and tale-telling mariners, shrimpers, tourists, rich girls, barmaids & beach bums. You meet them on the beach, in the bars, in their heads, in their relationships, dancing, drunk, stoned….. In the songs "The Storm" and "Marine Sulphur Queen," you meet people in an historic hurricane and in an historic shipwreck. And, as a bonus, you even get a glimpse into the very pretty mind and the very large heart of a certain seaside minstrel-poet. J.D. is a lovely, fun performer - a picker & a grinner & a terrible punster. His music is Texas Beach-Country-Folk and his voice can sound like soft beach moonlight, Texas high noon sun or midnight honky-tonk.”

“This is the man who has captured the true essence of life on this large sandbar, in the Gulf of Mexico, in musical form. “ Galveston Music Scene 07 November 2005”

Galveston Music Scene Nov 2005

“Meet Singer/Songwriter J.D. Richards, The Troubadour of Galveston Island by Jenna Ware J.D.'s a "been there, done that, school of hard knocks, wouldn't have missed it for the world" kind of guy. But, just how does a Beaumont boy, a sickly child with bad eyes, who wasn't allowed to play sports get himself invited at age 17 to a Houston Astros try-out camp? And, just how does an 18-year old with no prior singing experience practice two weeks with a garage band & win a talent show outright? And, how does an otherwise semi-normal, run-of-the-mill, genius type end up becoming the self-proclaimed happy “old man of the seawall” and writing over 410 songs about Galveston, its history and its people? Find out here. Take the super-fantastic, one-minute bio tour of the musical voice of Galveston Island and future troubadour hall of famer, J.D. Richards. Ready? Set? Go! ”

“Moves to Galveston, gets tricked into getting back into music by beautiful, sneaky daughter (who also introduces him to her friends with the stipulation that he not date ANY of them). Performs all over the island, writes songs like crazy, produces CDs like crazy, sings on the seawall, rides bike on the seawall, loves his island life, misses his children, feels fortunate to love and be loved, tells everyone within earshot that "life is better when you're living on island time" & plays at the Captain’s Table every Friday night and Sunday night! Whew! Glad that’s over!”

“The man is, in his own right, as much an island "character" as any of those you meet in his songs. "I was born at the start & then I got older, which I discovered at an early age," says J.D. This is a JD-ism! Don’t ask me. You can ask J.D. yourself Friday night or Sunday night at the Captain’s Table (the restaurant/palapa bar 1/2 mile west of the Seawall on F.M. 3005). All the lyrics from Galveston Chronicles and the stories behind the songs can be viewed at http://jdrichards.biz. You can purchase Galveston Chronicles and other J.D. music via the website, at Island Music on 45th Street, at SunCoast Books just past the Captain’s Table on F.M. 3005 or by contacting J.D. at 409-744-1768 or jd@jdrichards.biz. You'll like this guy & his music. It’s all about the "real" Galveston, why we're all a little nutty. Galveston Chronicles is the only souvenir you'll need to put you back into "island time" and to rekindle the slightly magical feeling of being on the island.”

“Cool, this music has to come into the textbooks for music-schools...Greetings to Texas from south-western Germany !”

“I enjoyed your voice and the tracks. Great lyrics and feel. Loved it. I wanna keep coming back for more. Thanks for the fanship. Keep God and love in it all. ”

“J.D.'s songs are stories and pictures. He takes you on a trip every time. Maybe into the 1900 storm, maybe into today’s newspaper (“Don’t Call Me No Refugee); could be down the Seawall or out to sea; could be into the heart of a lonely person, a loving parent, a beach stoner or a downtown drunk; find yourself drivin’ down Stuart Road at 95 miles an hour with a beer in your lap or at a fancy beach house too late at night with a pretty stranger or alone out on a fishing pier. JD goes and JD knows. He listens to people and he catches their emotions and their cadences and he plunks their stories dead center into the rhythm of the surf and the salty, not quite All-American, air of Galveston.”

“JD, this is real great poetry - really enjoy your songs! ”

“J.D. is every bit as much an island “character” as any you’ll meet in his songs. He is a gifted, fun & funny, performer, who creates a rapport with widely diverse audiences & who spouts goofy JD-isms, such as “tomorrow always comes two days after yesterday,” and “I don't believe children should be obscene and not heard.” He draws his audience into the “now” and into his song stories. All the locals sing along and demand “politely” (providing they’ve been taking their meds properly) to hear their favorites. P.P.P.S. The innate nature of this island is that of a cat, you can’t own it, you can just love it, if it’ll let you, and pet it, if it’ll let you and, one thing is sure, the island purrs for J.D. Richards. As he says in his song, “Galveston’s more than a Glenn Campbell song.””