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JB aka Dirty Moses / Press

“518 NY – If you remember some of our other post that came out this district then you should be listening/watching. We posted some MASAI and Against The Grain (ATG) before on the page too. This is off his #DEADication project and is on the way and when it lands hopefully we will get it on the page. But for now press play and then follow the yellow brick road HERE,. to check out”

“Beat*Shot Music’s JB!! has started to kick off the DEADication campaign with a brand new song and video featuring Masai. The song Black Noize has a capitvating beat with some knock to make your body move (courtesy of PJ Katz) and “in your face” lyrics to stimulate your thoughts. Something that is absent in most rap music today. The elephant in the room should always be addressed accordingly, I feel as though JB!! and Masai covered the bases with this one. The album DEADication is in the works and now moving at full speed.”

“REAL QUICK: This track will get stuck in your head if you welcome it. It’s off of my friend Masai’s new album, “Almost Home,” and features the wonderful JB!! aka Dirty Moses, with PJ Katz of Pig Food Records on the production duties. Not only do I love, love, love the satire but the song itself is DONE WELL on all counts. I seriously hope there’s a music video in the works because that’d be fun as hell to witness. From the artists directly, “The song satirically takes a look at how materialism and consumerism, combined with poor decision making, can influence urban workers who foolishly spend their income tax returns.” Word. “Almost Home” is out on February 13 and you can get your pre-orders in here.”

“John Brown has laced another smooth track produced by PJ Katz titled “Turn You On.” PJ Katz sets the mood with a bass line that can have you two stepping in your seat. Dirty Moses let’s the girls know that he’s ready to spend that quality time. Every lyric is carefully crafted like an LL love ballad. “Turn You On” brings back that Nostalgic Hip Hop/R&B jam for the grown and sexy. I hate to say it to all the single people out there, but this is that “cuffin” music. Don’t fret though; “Turn You On” has inspirational qualities to find the one at the club. This is another gem by JB AKA Dirty Moses, and I hope they are planning to release a video for this one. "Turn You On" is the featured single from "Hunger Games Mixtape" For more information on Dirty Moses, you can follow his music catalog on Bandcamp. You can also find JB AKA Dirty Moses rocking shows every week somewhere in a town near you. For quotes on a PJ Katz musical production check him on twitter.”

“Speaking of J.B. - who appeared on the cover of The Times Union's Preview a year ago - he's just released a super-solid hip-hop CD of his own, ''Total Karnage 2001,'' on Just Because Records. The rapmaster definitely knows his way around the microphone, bobbing and weaving with his lyrics over a raw, tight collection of beats. And when he wants to go the sampling route, J.B. isn't scratchin' across the same old funk nuggets for inspiration. Consider the fact that the two primary samples of ''Total Karnage 2001'' come from none other than Dionne Warwick - her ''Valley of the Dolls'' track is utilized in ''One Man Army,'' while ''Where Is the Love'' is the bed for J.B.'s ''War, Part 2.''”

“Producer Big Malk sends the track he produced called "Hello" by Albany, NY emcee JB aka Dirty Moses off his album, Soon To Be Famous. Enjoy! ”

“I hadn't heard of JB!! until I read a review of his material online, I then contacted him and asked him if he could send me some material to review for the site. It took a while, but he sent me his LP, and, as you can plainly see, I've reviewed it. ”

“Be on the hunt for more new stuff in the near future from JB aka Dirty Moses and Raw Threat. They've been in collab mode for the past few months. This track features Dephyant from Ironbar Collective. I will be posting more from them as I get it. Gorilla Tao and Dephyant will also be the only featured artists on the new project Sev and myself have put together.”

“From the album ‘Soon To Be Famous’, we scooped this up recently (forgot where) and we dig it. Enjoy. ”

“Big Malk does an excellent producing this new cut which accentuates the gritty rhyme skills of JB. Respect homie. By the way this joint is from JB’s new project “Soon To Be Famous””