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Jay Tablet / Press

“Keeping up with Bend-based rapper and producer Jay Tablet is never an easy task. By my count, the charismatic MC has released at least a full-length album per year since 2010, either as a solo artist or as part of Cloaked Characters, the duo he shares with local producer Rory Oneders. And that doesn’t include a raft of mixtapes, stray tracks and collaborations from the same time period. But here we are, summer of 2014, and Tablet — real name: Joseph Tavares — is back with a new record. This one’s called “West Ghostin’” and it’s available to stream (or purchase for whatever you’re willing to pay) at www.zonkedout.bandcamp.com. Fans of Tablet will find much to like here; at this point, his aesthetic is established, and “West Ghostin’” delivers plenty of dimly lit hip-hop tracks fueled more by chilled-out beats and hazy synths than the traditional building blocks of rap. As always, Tablet’s laid-back drawl cinches the album’s status as an after-party s”

“Bendite Jay Tablet’s latest hip hop album, West Ghostin, comes to the party wearing a tuxedo with tails and high top sneakers; it’s as urban as it is urbane. Tablet turns in his best record to date trading on the strength of slow churning beats that swell and roll like the Bering Sea. Bass breaks against sharp, punchy synth and Tablet—aided by friends like Rory Onders and Keegan Smith— drops plush, snappy raps that draw from the refined sound of Oakland-via-London rapper Charlie Tate and his hip hop collective Colossus as well guttural grinds of artists like Schoolboy Q. The result is an album ready to background a sweaty house soiree.”

““Love where I’ve been but the past isn’t now” – Jay Tablet from “Note to Self”. Bend heavy-hitter Jay Tablet just dropped his new album “West Ghostin” via Bandcamp. In light of the release, Jay reached out to me to review the album and I gladly obliged. Knowing the Zonked Out artist for some time now, I’ve come to respect his grind and consistency with his music. He is always touring somewhere or sending me links to new music and is an excellent example of hard work mixed with musical talent. That being said, let’s get into it.”

“[Backstage Vibe] What are some of the highlights from the past year for you? [Jay Tablet] This past year had been great. I released my second solo album Tablife and had a chance to tour to alot of new markets. I also got my first major placement in Universal Pictures movie trailer for “Neighbors”, and Sony Pictures movie “Grace” due to release soon.”

“The headliner is Jay Tablet, busy local MC and producer whose musical productivity and business hustle is unparalleled in town. He’s a touring machine, though this is his first all-ages show in his home town. Oh, and his songs are fun late-night party jams, too. He’ll be joined by his dude DJ Harlo, a popular local performer in his own right.”

“The new album is called Tablife—a title derived from a hashtag oft used by Tablet when discussing his hectic but also semi-flashy rapper lifestyle where there's a party in every city and always somewhere to be. The record itself is a carousel of celebration rap songs backed by throwback beats from the '80s and '90s. The track "Open" even takes micro-synth inspiration from Ice Cube's "Check Yo Self." And true to form, the album is chock full of collaborations. Local R&B starlet Caitlin Cardier appears on the romantic "Sincerely True" while mixtape master Amsterdam and dance beat engineer DJ Harlo pair up to help out on "Trap." Tablet and his friends continually battle the stereotype that the Bend scene is all about bluegrass and indie rock. The release of Tablife is a giant hip-hop roar that shouldn't be ignored. ”

“Jay’s debut solo album “Put It On The Tab” was created in about four months time with a concept of free styling a lot of the material and more of a feeling of the moment type approach. It can be described as uptempo/dance/new age music with deep thoughts mixed with a poetry style of writing.”

““White City” is the name of Tablet’s new mixtape, which is available online for free download. It’s a collection of short songs in which Tab drops his typically breezy rhymes over interesting beats by Southern Oregon producer Dead Giveaway. At 18 tracks and 34 minutes long, “White City” is that rarest of creatures: an efficient, densely packed hip-hop mixtape.”

“We share the page with 50 cent, Sweatshop Union, Kanye, Jay Tablet and some other dope heads.”

“Tablet recently quit his day job in preparation. “We’re gonna put it all on the table,” he said, “and see if we can make it happen.” ”

“A new group ya'll should be hearing about soon is Cloaked Characters. This trio (Jay Tablet,ONEders & Mr. E) from all places Bend, Oregon....yes Oregon, has been having a few heads take notice.”