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"It is a common phrase that falling in love is the easiest part of being in a relationship. Just like any other thing in life, beginning something does not take as much effort as staying committed to the path chosen, constantly and with the same zeal as on the first day. The same applies to love, setting the fire proves to be easy as compared to keeping the fire burning. Failure to notice the signs that show a reduction in the ‘fire’ also means that by the time you realize it, it might be too little too late. The motives of going into a relationship have a large bearing on the strength of the union. Some do it for status, money, sex or other pressures which lead to the love being conditional. In this piece of writing, I will tackle some issues I believe to be some of the main causes of failed relationships."- Jay Mashaire

“Harare born, 26 year old RnB artist Jay Mashaire blessed us this year with a melodious album entitled Addiction, which expresses many subjects from spirituality , love to life situations that he probably has experienced personally as he lived life in Southerton. Zimbabwe -RnB Artist - Jay Mashaire The artist has worked on his vocals and sings in both Shona and English. No wonder he has been trending on reverbnation charts for a while, the presentation of his work shows a sense of organization. The artist says he started singing at an early age; in fact he was so good at his work that his teacher in fourth grade used to call him to sing in front of the class. I guess he lost stage fright at an early age too, his voice is eloquent and confident. It is not shakey. He had an early childhood in the church choir, this could be the reason the album addiction has a Christian message as well, in songs like Tenda Mwari.”

““I started working on the album in July 2013 when I moved from MOB Entertainment recording label to TMG Rekodz. On February 14 this year we successfully released the album and I am happy to say it is being received very well with ‘Hana Yangu’ and ‘The Greatest’ getting encouraging airplay,” he said. The hip hop singer said the journey in his music career has been good for him so far. “In 2012 I released my breakthrough song called ‘Wangu’, which was described by many as a classic. It was released live on ZBC’s youth programme ‘Young Gifted and Talented’. I believe when I released the video people appreciated it very well because that’s when I began receiving invitations to perform at shows. In 2013 I released a single called ‘Found Love’ which went on to become a hit as it was on Star FM’s top 40 for four months peaking on number three. The single was also on ZiFM stereo’s top 10 and remained in the chart show for an incredible five months.””

“im an rnb artist signed under the record label - TMG Rekodz based in Harare.i started taking music proffesionally in 2006 & i have grown ever since. My sound is largely based on situations & people around me & my creativity being the secret essence.”

hod - J.A.Y