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“In truth, there’s hardly a song on “Cancer Creek” that doesn’t feel like a philosophical manifesto. Every track is a take-no-prisoners/take-no-shit Satanic psalm of debauchery, a reminder that rock ‘n’ roll is a perverts’ party fueled by illicit substances and illegal activities. What good are any trashy troublemaker’s tales of gambling, chain-smoking, slut-fucking and guzzling gargantuan amounts of throat-scorching moonshine, though, without some equally trashy tunes to back ‘em up? Luckily, Jaw Horse’s bite is just as brash, boozy and bluesy as its bark.”

“What do you do at 3 A.M. when you can't sleep? LISTEN TO FUCKING JAW HORSE AND DRINK MORE BEER. That's right, boys and girls, Jaw Horse wants you to get really, really drunk and punch people, or donkey punch people, if that's what you're in to. The album is a hangover free kick in the nuts. There's nothing fancy, no revolutionary musicianship, no deep meaningful lyrics, just hairy-balls-out-man-music. All that, with a bitchin' album cover. You need this in your life. Go get their album "Cancer Creek" and check out their Facebook. I have to go rinse off now, I smell like beer after listening to this album. Peace. ”

“t's like an angry, booze fuelled, punk inspired, metalfest recorded by Hell's Angels. The guys manage to pull of a staggering array of catchy guitar licks while all the time maintaining a solid old school punk demeanor. But it doesn't end there. The guys claim a wide spectrum of influences, and prior to listening you may well call bull on a few of them. But credit where credits due, all those bands listed are totally spot on.”

“While they hail from central Pennsylvania their sound is more closely associated with southern climes given their penchant for blues infused heavy rock and vocals as deep fried and resonant as a fast moving thunder storm unleashing fury and might unexpectedly, horribly, and pitilessly across an unsuspecting landscape.”

“One listen to this album conjures up images of backwood rednecks weaned on a diet of punk, metal, blues and classic rock. They don’t do ballads, they don’t do clean guitars, they don’t do acoustics and they don’t do keyboards. This is a band with two volume settings, loud as fuck and off. Each of the 12 tracks is delivered at maximum intensity with guitars set to grind and vocals set to growl. Sometimes they play slower, sometimes they play fast, occasionally they hit a groove but whatever they play, they pummel…hard!!!”

“Jaw Horse – Cancer Creek – these guys surprised me quite a bit earlier in the year with an impressive 3 song demo. After more than a few impatient months, Jaw Horse has finally released their debut full length, Cancer Creek. The album is full of raw and powerful rock. It’s some of the finest I’ve heard this year. It’s deep, it’s dirty, it’s aggressive, it’s gruff, it’s true and it’s real. This is a fine example on how you make music today. If you need a high energy album that you want to really rock out to while having a few drinks and or smokes with your buddies, Cancer Creek is the album you want!”

"C'mon sex machine!" is our open introduction to my Pennsylvania brethren Jaw Horse and their blues soaked sludge and punk invention. The band, "infuriated, aggravated, and mystified by the sad state of The Blues," decided, "to take up arms," in 2011. The outcome is what Jaw Horse call The Cancer Creek Demos. Three blues tracks dragged through the cold mud of this mild and wet Pennsylvania winter after a long night fueled of Yuengling Premiums and bacon greased stripper poles. In the end Jaw Horse have found the right soundtrack for us Pennsylvania boys looking for a dive to wake up in... hung-over... and strung out, and to reminisce with our compadres in the years to come.

“Sludge and punk and blues. Can the 3 co-exist? If you ask Jaw Horse then you’ll hear their take at it and you know what? They pull it off quite nicely.”

“You could see yourself watching these guys play in a roadside bar in Texas behind wire mesh....to tell the truth I miss this kind of feeling, like the old Orange Goblin."”

“Black Flag on Blues with some Danzig Influence...this guys are defiantly a monster live band”

“Jaw Horse is a band directly from Pennsylvania, USA. They are a mixture of hard rock, stoner/doom, with a touch of the blues. The singer has a tone very similar to Glenn Danzig which makes it very easy to listen to and enjoy. Excellent music by the band.”

“Edo hear dirty Blues-RocknRoll with some stoner-punk elements giving a'' vagrancy'' the sound of the band.”