Jared Blake / Press

“This fun, uptempo number will make your listeners smile and turn up the radio! Jared's great live too and has a LOT more where this comes from...”

“Country + rocker personified = COUNTRYFIED!! Added it and 2 weeks later it's Top 5 requests on our All Request Lunch!”

“Sounds like all the ingredients for a winning performance! Jared boomed his way to the finish. -on 'The Voice' Recap”

“But mostly it was Jared’s singing, both technically–he’s got a meaty baritone that he puts to good use–and tonally. Dude’s hungry, and it showed. OK, so Jared also got a bit of backstory beefing-up (heeeere’s the KING of SECOND CHANCES! Up against, y’know, some sweet, folky newlyweds.) But we only really noticed that in retrospect. What we heard first was the voice. And that’s the premise we signed up for when we started watching this thing.”

“This guy really knows how to belt out a song and his hard-charging band backs him perfectly.”

“First off, let's just say Jared Blake is an entertainer...This rising star delivered in a big way.”

“From pretty much the first rip-roarin' tune we ever heard Jared Blake belt out, we knew he was going places that we wanted our guitars to go right along with him.”

Kyle Eggum, Breedlove Guitar Co. - Bend, Oregon

“Jared has a powerful, soulful approach to the way he writes and sings. He writes about real life and is able to capture audiences through such relatable experiences.”

Bob DiPiero, legendary writer/producer - Nashville, TN

“Jared Blake takes Americana, Country, and Roots music and makes it all uniquely his own style. Combining a powerful, soulful voice with great songs and strong performances.”

Phil Roselle, studio guitarist - Nashville, TN

“I will tell you that the music is amazing! Very diverse, meaningful, and well written...by far one of my top ten musicians.”

Karen Findlay - Sacramento, CA

“Strong, Emotional, Powerful vocals. The Real Deal!”

Chris Burgess, Songwriter - Nashville, TN