“Opening cut of this 7 track EP `Fallen So Far`, is a great introduction to January Jane with an awesome vocal delivery from Via out front totally controlling the track. ...this is the start of something good!”

Rob Watkins - Uber Rock

“It’s hard to imagine a UK talent show throwing up a contestant who goes on to form a modern hard rock band, but that’s exactly what ex- American Idol contestant Pat Via has done and this seven track EP is a good stab at modern rock. Crunchy guitars vie with hooks that have a pop sensibility. Heavier moments on “Fallen So Far” and “The Unknown” have a restless energy and the choruses have one eye on rock radio. “Champagne Suicide” sounds a little like the underrated Swedes Angeline, while on the title track they could be Def Leppard in black eye-liner and an Anime haircut. Via has a good voice and the metal/pop mix could find a sizeable youth audience if they can maintain the level of the likes of “Fallen So Far”.”

Duncan Jamieson - Powerplay Magazine

“I'm really excited about January Jane, they have delivered a strong debut that holds up all the way through... it sounds creative and full of energy and passion, a good quality release and quite possibly one of the best new bands of 2012, can't wait for the full album.”

Nicky Baldrian - Fireworks Magazine

“With songs of the quality of ‘Champagne Suicide’ and the ballad-like title track ‘No More Last Times’ it looks like they will have a bright future ahead of them. Talking of looks, the band members all look like they could be on the books of a modelling agency which I am sure will do them no harm whatsoever. The band have a new album about to be released and if they can maintain the songwriting quality contained on the EP then it should be well worth tracking down.”

David Wilson - Get Ready To Rock

"Erupting on the scene just a few months ago, January Jane already has a kick-ass EP and a legion of loyal, young fans. Their sound brings with it a full range of material, from seductive ballads to monster metal. You heard it here first... January Jane is on the express track straight to the top."

Metal Edge Magazine