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Jack Tempchin Eagles hit songwriter / Press

“He’s a master songwriter, a crafter of songs that feel tranquil but run layers deep.”

“Jack is a guy who doesn’t get enough credit. What a great songwriter he is!” said Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, who lived near Tempchin in Encinitas...”

“The end result is a masterful tour de force by a master songwriter and country-rock journeyman.”

“Live At Tales From The Tavern is a heartfelt live presentation by Jack Tempchin of some of his notable material. It is a fine way to spend an hour... you have a fine collection of well-crafted songs.”

“It’s the full run of the album’s songs with added between-song banter that shows off Tempchin’s dry wit. Live At Tales From The Tavern throws a tight spotlight on Tempchin and his songs and serves as a showcase to his far-reaching talents.”

"He's a great songwriter... He paints pictures with simple words. He's just really good at it."

"Jacks body of work is iconic. His contribution as a world class muzoid is undeniable and I remain a lifelong fan."

ASCAP CEO - Paul Williams

“Jack is one of the greats.”

“The greatest songwriter ever to call San Diego home.”

“Jack is officially the nicest man in show business.”

“The guy may be a good musician, but he is a great songwriter.”

“Sure-footed songwriting craft...through and through, he's a big deal.”

“The first real songwriter I really saw and really got enthused about.”