Jack Littman / Press

“I have been so obsessed with this song lately, I really massively love it. It comes from his debut mixtape, and I have had it on repeat for the last month or so. I really love his voice. He reminds me of a mix of Antony Hegarty, Diamond Rings and blues from the Deep South OR SOMETHING. I get a bit of a slight melancholy disco vibe from it also, I am amazed it hasn’t exploded through-out the music blog world already, I think its a really special track... I don’t think it will be all that long until the world starts to pick up on him a bit…he has his debut EP available for free download on his bandcamp... ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL (song) like “Sinking Ship”, most of it is really quite good, my second favorite is the closing track “Undercover Lover”. I think he definitely shows promise for the future. He describes his music as “electro-folk-soul”, “Sinking Ship.””

“When thinking of how to describe Jack Littman, I can’t just label him with one genre because even his debut album Murder By Desire is eclectic and his most recent gem The Mixtape just threw me off altogether. At first listen, I thought folk. Then I listened to another song and I heard soul, and then I listened to a third song…and it had electro beats and Littman rapping at one point. His EP The Mixtape lives up to its name. There’s the dark yet poppy electro-driven “Sinking Ship” to the playful Littman rapping on “Goochie Goo.” Then in the song “Waiting” he goes Flamenco style, plucking strings on a classical guitar. The Mixtape shows the extensive range of Littman’s music capability and further reminds us of his enormous talent. The young 20-something artist sounds much older than you would probably expect, thanks to his soulful voice.”

“We just downloaded Jack Littman‘s newest release titled The Mixtape. It’s a six-track album blending folk, soul and electro from this singer/songwriter from LA we’re sure you’ll be delighted to make the acquaintance. Stand out track for us is Got2HaveU. For someone usually on the opposite side of the fence, the track reminds me just how important it is to be on the receiving end of “I got to have you.” If you’ll be at SXSW, keep an eye out Jack who will be opening for The Ravonettes.”

“Somedays loud drums and chimes are what we need to get out of bed. Luckily, this song has all that along with Jack Littman's half speaking/half singing voice. It's an interesting style that I'm not so sure about, but I can definitely get into this song, especially in the mornings. You can stream the rest of the mixtape on his bandcamp page. "Whisper once and make it sing, you say I got to have you."”

““Sinking Ship” is too good of a track to have all to myself. Littman’s vocals don’t seem to match his youthful face, but then again, “Sinking Ships” haunting grooves don’t exactly fit with their birthplace of Los Angeles. With an offbeat blend of thumping rhythms, soulful lyrics, and distorted horns, Littman creates an immediately ear catching sound that I am loving more an more with every listen. The rest of The Mixtape EP is available for the undervalued price of free at his Bandcamp. I’m headed there to get it right now.”