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Jack Holt / Press

“Musician heads to Nashville after winning recording session - For those in the country music business, Nashville is the land of opportunity. For one local resident, Jack Holt, Nashville was his opportunity to launch his music career to the next level, after he was selected by Nashville-veteran John Rees as the winner of Surry Arts Council’s jam session contest.”

“Jack Holt was named by Nashville-veteran John Rees as the winner of Surry Arts Council’s jam session contest Holt will receive the chance to launch his career to the next level, with free studio time offered by Rees, as well as post-production work, translating to around 20 hours of free studio time..................... “There are many reasons he came out as the winner. He was so supportive of everyone on stage, and worked as hard for everyone as he did for himself, which really set him apart. He is a good team player. At the same time, when he did his own music, he rose above in terms of his ability. He is a good singer, as well as a great writer and musician. He also has the commercial look, which, these days, is certainly a big piece of the pie,” Rees said of Holt. “Jack is a great representative of North Carolina music, and I hope this will be a good opportunity for him to further his music. He certainly has the right attitude going into what is likely going to be a long jo”

“Bobby Locke, the producer and creator of the show Talent Search TV “We liked that he played guitar and sang,” Locke said of the Holt, who sings part-time and works full-time as a water plant operator in Thomasville. “On the vocal side of things, all his notes were right. He had a steady quality.””

“When Jack Holt took the stage in front of a crowd of more than 40 that piled into Hillbilly Country last weekend, alongside TV producers and cameras, it was hard to tell he was nervous. He was grasping his guitar confidently in his hands and belting out tunes like he had done it professionally for years. His rendition of an old gospel classic had the crowd singing along in unison, and earned him one of the largest ovations of the night. Contact Erin C. Perkins at eperkins@mtairynews.com or 719-1952. Copyright 2011 Mount Airy News. All rights reserved. ”

“Jack Holt moved to the Pilot Mountain area with his family when he was 12 years old, and said his dad was “the real musician in the family,” but Holt did not start playing music until his wife, Amity Holt, and his son, Zarek Holt, bought him his first guitar as a gift in 1998, when Holt was 30 years old. Holt shared that his wife is “the poet in the family” and he loves to use what she writes and create songs, and has even copy-written 22 songs with his wife. He is a water treatment plant operator by day, and busy musician by night, as a member of multiple bands — Cranford Creek Bluegrass, Harvest Time Singers, Crossriver with Melvin and Gloria Snow, Sounds of Bluegrass, and Mountain Road Bluegrass and Gospel. He added that when he is not playing with one of the bands, he loves to attend the Thursday-night jam sessions, as well as other jam sessions in Lambsburg, Willis Gap, Tobaccoville. He also plays every Monday night at McDonald’s in Pilot Mountain.”

““Holt is so supportive of everyone on the stage at the jam sessions. He works as hard for everyone as he does for himself,” Rees shared. “He’s a good team player, and at the same time, when he does his own music he can sing, play, and write good. Plus, he’s a multi-instrumentalist.””

“2014-01-23. GREAT TALENT ABOUNDS. We went to the Historic Old Earle Theatre on Thursday evening (24 degrees at 7:00 pm) expecting to see a collection of musicians in various stages of musical ability queuing up for a jam inside on stage. That certainly would have been a treat. However, what we found was Ken White manning the audio equipment, and jam host, Tim Chadwick and his friend, Gene Anderson, playing guitars and alternately singing lead to the delight of the theatre audience. They were soon joined by Ray Hooker with his fiddle, and shortly thereafter by Jack Holt and his mandolin. What we had before us then was four of the best musicians one could hope to see and hear playing great music flawlessly together. It was as if they had practiced together for this very performance. The night could not have turned out better.”

“Jack Holt ya gave me a real lift sitting way down here in El Salvador listening to the music from way up north...yep bluegrass....I am sitting here with a smile on my face for no other reason than listening to your uplifting up tempo bluegrass.. thanks..........ALOT..”

“Jack, some of our fondest memories are of the times you and some of your fellow pickers saved the day at the Merry-Go-Round when a scheduled band didn't show for one reason or the other. God has certainly blessed you with talent and the willingness to share it. Bobbie and I look forward to this spring when we will, once again, be back in the Blue Ridge to hear you play and sing.”

“Sounds Great !!! Jack , I can hear WPAQ 740 am sometimes down hear!! I live about 40 miles south east of Monroe NC. I love it,We hace WIXE 1190 am out of Monroe ,they Old country and Blue grass on True and Sat!!!! Man ya'll are lucky to have that radio station up there!!! I shared some of your tunes on my FB page!! I have done gotten some likes and great comments ”

“Jack, my Friend, Junior Graham, said that you and your loyal buddies (once, again) saved the day at the Merry-Go-Round. Junior said that (as usual) it was a great show. Wish we could have been there.”

“Then for the final hour and one-half, WPAQ Master of Ceremonies, Brack Llewellyn, solicited a group of local musicians who were playing in the street (as they frequently do) to fill in for the missing band. Led by Jack Holt, this impromptu band of seven musicians was introduced as the Mt. Airy Cut Ups. They all performed spectacularly, as if they had rehearsed specifically for this performance. Special mention must be made concerning the youngest member of the Mt. Airy Cut Ups. Thirteen year old Jackson Taylor, expertly picked many of the breaks on a borrowed guitar. I hope I got his name right, but it doesn’t matter. Anyone who can play as well as he does at age thirteen, will be well know in the near future. He was on a camping trip and visiting Mt. Airy from Gastonia, when he asked to join the street musicians. He was then asked by Jack Holt to be a member of the Cut Ups. All things considered, my buddy was right For us fans, there is no way this could have been better.”

“Jack Holt & the Sandbox Boys from Mt. Airy, North Carolina entertained the crowd. Members are Jack Holt, Eric Marshall, Ben Marshall, Bruce Mosley and Crystal Shipley.”

“The bluegrass group “Jack Holt and Friends” entertains throughout the afternoon at the first ever Double Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Car and Truck Show.”

"Sam Ward" Jack, My wife, Bobbie, and I brought a couple of friends to the Merry-Go-Round Saturday. They had never been there before. When we left the Earle for a late lunch, the couple (real bluegrass fans) said they were astonished at the art and quality of the performance of Jack Holt and the Sand Box Boys. Actually, that was all they talked about during the meal and all the way back to Max Meadows, VA. It was a pleasure to be in the audience and experience the expertise and enthusiasm that was exhibited by the group you organized from the very start of the show and which continued even after the live broadcast was over. All members of the band played exceptionally well, all sang (except for Ben) with great talent and gusto. Hopefully, Eric can work something out for Ben to sing at his next appearance. Talent certainly runs in that family - as it seems to be present with all your group. Thank you for a great bluegrass experience.

“A great picker and singer. We love to see and hear him perform.”

“Jack, We have seen and heard you at the Cinema in Mt. Airy several times and enjoy your music. Hope to see you again. Particularly enjoyable is the old-time bluegrass "flutter" that you employ appropriately when picking. It is also worth mentioning your willingness to you join Tim Chadwick on the stage in times of need. Thanks for being a good guy.”

“Holt, who is a 40-year-old father, said he had been singing his whole life, but that God had led him a new direction with his singing—one where he wanted to spread the word of the gospel to others. “I just want to spread the gospel, if anything comes of it, I give all the credit to Jesus, in and of myself I’m nothing, whatever comes of his will, will be,” he told me.”

“Jack Holt’s performance of a classic country gospel song transformed the competition into a concert as the audience, including the other contestants, sang along in unison.”