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I-witness marv skoni & madd dogg c / Press

“Back when hip hop started, it was about sending a message about social issues. The late 70s and well into the early 90s, hip hop was a fresh take on urban youth. Somewhere along the lines the message got lost, but I-Witness want to help hip hop fans find it again. The duo drape their selves in army looking wear, and deliver songs that are less about the club and more about the state of the world. Songs like Can I Get a Witness speak volumes about I-Witness and what they are all about. Gotta Have It and Who Got the Funk are reminiscent of early 90s in the way that the music sounds. Gotta Have It has a very Snoop Dogg feel to it, minus the shout outs to drugs and such. Very Deadly has not only an intimidating title, but vibe as well. That is not one to take lightly. Don’t Do the Blow is another one that has a strong message behind it as well. It is not hard to find aware hip hop in 2013, one just has to look. So if you are ready to look, see and hear some, check out I-Witness now.”