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IndigoSun / Press

“Top 10 Summer Camp Sets to Remember (2014) - Named one of 'Chicago's best up-and-comers'”

“Excerpt from Sound Fuse's Best Midwestern Band in 2011: "The family-like local Chicago jam scene has been incredibly lucky to watch IndigoSun blossom over the last couple of years. And no year showed more growth or glimpses of amazing potential than 2011. Now that Lucas Ellman is back with the band full-time, they’ve started busting out a bunch of new material, as well as expanding & evolving the old stuff. It’s damn near impossible to not feel good & dance while listening to this band play live; they’re prototypical late night festival tent band. They are releasing a new album early in 2012 and should be ready to play just about every festival in the Midwest. The future is bright for IndigoSun.”

“The room filled up nicely through his set, and by the time Indigo was ready to start, the small dancefloor was packed with smiling faces. It’s hard not to smile during an IndigoSun set, they just play feelgood music. They have found the perfect blend of jam and electronic goodness, and somehow manage to put it all together so smoothly. That’s the word I’m always left with after seeing Indigo: smooth. Indigo has this style that feels so chill & downtempo, but in reality is built on Steve Florian’s amazingly snappy drumming; Florian is definitely one of the best drummers I get to see on a regular basis. The juxtaposition of textures gets blended so well that the entire package comes out polished like a gemstone. They worked some new material in (which will be on their upcoming album which is due in February) amongst many staples, the most outstanding of which was the final song, “Welcome Home,” which got the added bonus of a “Final Countdown” jam. It was stellar.”

“For many people, late night tickets just weren’t in the cards for them this year. They sold out in record time... under a minute. Fortunately there was a band, one frequently featured on this website, who covered all your late night needs free of charge. Beginning last year, Kyle Liss of IndigoSun had a brilliant idea to set up a guerilla stage in the woods for those with a keen ear to find, cleverly calling it the Moon Party. Their set up included the full band, Liss’s computer, microphones, effects pedals, amplifiers and a giant IndigoSun banner behind them. All of this was topped off with mylar, a shiny, reflective material hung up around the stage that shot their lights in all kinds of wild kaleidoscopic patterns. There was even a guest appearance from Mike Greenfield of Lotus in the audience getting down alongside all the other wanderers. Indigo played for the next 3 hours as people drifted in and out of the makeshift stage wielding hand drums and absurd amounts of glow toys.”