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“great music! Do you have any music press releases/announcements that you would like to share? If so, you can submit them to www.mi2n.com/input.php3 Let us know, and keep in touch!”

Music Dish

“Sweeeeeet impuria”

Deresa Simonds


Billy V-guitarist

“Awesome sounding tracks that you have here! Wishing you the very best ! Pat Branch in NYC SONGWRITER/BASS PLAYER”

Pat Branch

“When is the concert? I wanna come!”

Fan - Sherrima Queen

“Love your amazing music!”

Pace Rider - Robot Factory



“Nice sound! I shared your Like A Virgin cover on my FB page. Nice job, enjoyed listening.”

The Last First

“Thumbs Up, I really like the SHINE track, keep up the good work......One Love!”


“FACE TO FACE.IMPURIA is deff a hot record. im looking forward to seeing you on the big screen.”


“liking how the sound is put together. love the vocals !”


“Can you get enough of "Violence"!!? No!! Rock On!! Horns Up!”

Blackout Sappy

“This is special. We recommend 'Play All'.”

Xenophanes Productions

“Violence rocked my face! Keep em comin!”


"Another State of Mind" this is what I feel from the good vibe IMPURIA. Using electronics with sense and concept. My Compliments = D

Lobo Solitario

“Every time I listen to your music my face gets grimy and I nod head!! Keep digging in and making great music. Great Sound!!”

Polyphonic Soul Static

“shine on rocks”

G Sonic

“Hello! I just had a look to your videos, I am really impressed. Very good work! Greetings from Vienna!”

Karoline Achberger Rossacher

“Just listened to Face-To-Face and it just Rocks! Equalled only by the lyrics.”

Scotty Walsh

“Wow, you guys sound awesome! Great job! I liked your Facebook page...”

Solitary Confinement

“yep that's thick and phat, and still a great singalong. Great sound!”

The Electric Era

“your HELL BOY is nothing but stunning”


“Please Re Share This”


“Freaking out on Hellboy”

In Fail Traitors

“FACE TO FACE.IMPURIA superb music”


“Sounds like you're on the way UP, I like what I'm hearing. Really digging the Like A Virgin, sinister. Thank you for the listens.”


“Back again to Face to Face! The keyboard's drive accelerators this song into a stellar magnetism that the other mere satellites can't even touch. Me, I'm just an onlooker from a distant star who appreciates the gravitas of your radiance that shines through the darkness and touches me. Shine On Impuria!”

Matthew Martinek

“sounds and grooves this good will always have me coming back for more Jason..still loving that driving, dance-like rhythm for "hell boy"..superb energy to your productions. London loves ya baby!!”


“Hell Boy = Hell yes!”

Evolutionary Wars

“I'm a sucker for covers & your version of 'like a virgin' makes it plain listenable, now :D”


“i love all 80s madonna!! :) thanks for the cover!”

joyless - Fan

“Here an old fan showing some respect. Excellent Music. Ciao!”

Fan - Elmer Pastorius

“Excellent combination of Electronic sounds and Rock music, great job.”


“Back for another listen and enjoying "Face to Face" tonight!”

Greg Blachmen

“Got my red tail, big giant claw hand and box of cigars..time to hang out with my man HellBoy!! Lovin your tuneage bro!”


“IMPURIA felicidades por la buena música..”


“ah, this is some epic music! Impuria brings back that industrial sound we've missed! Sounds like NIN & PJ Harvey!? Yeah, that got our attention. "Face to Face" has that classic NIN sound but with a new twist! Really excellent tracks. Play them all!”

Take Away The Ugly

“Heavy deep tracks.”

Jonathan Emile

“INGREDIENTS 3 to 3 1/2 lbs (1.3 to 1.6 kg) of Boneless Rump Roast (pick an end cut with a layer of fat if you can) Olive oil 8 slivers of garlic Salt and pepper You will need a meat thermometer For the gravy: Red wine, water, and or beef stock corn starch”


“You have some great music keep doing what you diffidently will get you somewhere.”

Team Tvp

“got myself Face to Face with Hellboy..and it's the perfect way to kickstart the week!!”


“Very cool groove, no matter how many times you listen it's always fresh.”

Know Future

“Definitely your own sound!”

Cherry Veil

“Enjoying the hard/edged intricate rhythms and emotional feel...”

MTB Studios, Rick W.

“DAMAGED PARK oozes with coolness!!!...Loving Impuria's alternative sounds!!! ~ Rod”

Sur Rod

"Keep on Keepin On"_-Static (Entertainment Productions)

Static Entertainment Productions

“So impressed with your sound! You guys are original sounding and talented. Enjoying Face to Face tremendously!”

Roberto Cordero Jazz, Brazilian Musian

“Came Back For More "Face to Face"...Still Distrubing...and Smokin'!”

David L Vacec And Monky Paw Finger



“IMPURIA just flat out ROCKS!!! They are the type of band that all bands should follow. They definitely lead by example and I sure hope the masses get to know IMPURIA much love from HALEMERRY”


“Rock out Los Angeles, CA with your awesome Jam <3 Kellie”

Kellie Luvella

“You guys definitely have quite a distinctive sound. Rock on!”

Enter The Main Front

“Face to Face has the coolest bassline! Kick-ass tune! Love your groove!”

Slam Horse

“i am rockin with you & " face to face " keep on rockin in the free world ! heres to a prosperous 2013 !! all the best ken”

Ken Fanger

“Hailz & ales. You guys are awesome great sounds, massive production here. I'm really digging your tracks.”

Sean , Secrets Of Steel

“Doing some booty shakin in my chair. Just can't stopp - your music has hella grooooove.”

Spotting Waldo

“Hi! I wish you a wonderful and happy new year! 2013 will rock! Wish you love, health, money, passion, and MUSIC ALL YEAR LONG! Hugs from France! Wildcath ♥”

Wild Cath On A Hot Thin Roof

“Godbless Ur Music !!!”

Musical Reflections

"Shine On" is hypnotically addicting!


“Olá, IMPURIA! Muito bom som e música! Parabéns!”