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LaQuinn / Press

“Good choice... haven't heard a clash mash before and this does a good job. Big Audio Dynamite would be proud. Quality vox and arrangement works well. The slow down at the end makes for a creative fade out. Lot's of good glitching going on and sometimes that can go bad... but not here. Good one! Constructive Comments Not too much to add... on the speakers I listened some of the vocals were a bit muddy but that could just be my speakers. Good job!”

ChrisbyMusic - Broadjam

“Positive Comments I like the vibe and the beat. Constructive Comments The mix is bad on this. It isn't consistent which is why some parts are much louder than others. This sounds like a bunch of other songs I've heard but doesn't stand out in a good way. More creative concepts and lyrics would help.”

“Positive Comments i like the hook it sounds like it can be played in a car commercial, with out the cursing and versus, only the instrumental with the clean version of the hook. Constructive Comments it kind of remind me of Craig Mac, not you but the beat,. work on the mix, try to get a more high definition sound to it.”

“Definitely knows how to put a full song together, with bridge and hook. Constructive Comments Better production would fit this song.”

“Positive Comments The delivery is there! Constructive Comments Has the flow down-packed, just step the punchlines up.”

"thats my dog...tell em "we in this bish"....lets get tight ...when you coming back tot the hood"

Buck Nasty - 900 S.F.S Gazette

"saw his November show.....like the enthusiasm...!!!!"

Howard Luck - D.E.L.L

"I love this CD!!!! I've heard of The A-team before, a VA underground based hip-hop. Some how I came across the CD, which makes me happy as hell lol!!!! Buy it support underground music! "

Mary - Consumer

"Hey MRQ this is Stuart the media director at WWS Magazine. I wanted to follow up with you on the music you sent us. We checked it out yesterday, and it’s great stuff, I am interested in doing a feature on you to show our readers more. We mostly cover Top 40, but we always support good independent musicians and try to get them heard through our network. We have readers in more than 25 countries and a Feature gives you a chance to put yourself in front of them. If they like it, your music can spread fast. The format is like an interview so we’ll send you some questions and put it all together."

Staurt Rosemond - WWS

“After taking the stage to what seemed to be a small crowd ILLVILLE or ,Mr.Q as the kids call him,opens up with his comprehensive song "Get Froggy" which seems to bring life to a crowd that would continue to grow with each second." as if it is fit to be in a New York city scene"."his most controversal record "Real Nicca".Belting out"where my c-ville iller realer niccas who stack chips fuck Frito yo can lay where my Mac spits". From rhymes to writing and beats to banging tune in and find out what else lies in store as I report and chronicle the concert headlined by Virginias newest and biggest act.”

“beanad Hello. I work for Magazine33 which is an online music magazine. We feature local singers and bands in our magazine. Check out our website at http://www.magazine33.com I would love to do an interview with you, it would give you more press coverage. Thanks, Bean ”

“'' i wish this cool hip hop star would get my daughter pregnant for he is on the verge of a million dollar payday.''”

Dee S. Nutz - Daily Progress

“''thats my son...let me borrow a dollar''”

A$$hole - His daddy

“''the sex is great ....and the music too!!!''”

Sekeiziasiqueshia - Some random hoodrat

"why should you go out and buy in the blind this guy makes the best food for the ear...."

Lou Ponton - C-Ville Weekly

"this guys totally of the richter"

Dan Thomas - THE HOOK