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ila Selene / Press


“We are dancing at about the 14 minute mark”

“Vote for Ila April 6 @ South Stage Cellars!”

“www.ilaselene.wordpress.com check out her 2012 challenge!”


“New web site!!!!!”

“..jayzus!...i think i'm in love...fabulous!...thank you so very much...outstanding!..all the best..proper!..bmc”

“I don't even know you and I'm crying and I didn't even do "anything"!!!! Please forgive me.... I don't know why? I think it has something to do with your conviction and delivery of the song”

“You are amazing, I love the dynamics in your voice and your vocal range as well, good vocal techniques (belting, head voice and flute voice”

“I know that there is no one like Mrs Ila. YOU can do anything that you set your mind to. That is one thing you taught me with how you live life. Don't give up on dreams. Life WILL bring a sista some challenges, but don't give up. That is part of the journey of life...What a blessing for me...I should call you Mrs Inspiration!”

Nini Coder - Facebook Comment

"Ila is amazing. As good as Eva Cassidy."

Patti Iverson, May 2010 - 38 Central Audience Comments

“In her twenties, she (ila) lost a house to foreclosure and was homeless off and on for years...Mensinger found Selene "bubbly and helpful" and soon opened up. "Ila just comes off as one of those people who are willing to help," she (Mensinger) says. "I started to cry."”